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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2748348

located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

Garamound]Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #66CDAA || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #008B8B╚╝

It was familiar in an unfamiliar sense. That feeling of nostalgia one got that was on the tip of their tongue, unable to identify the reason they were being taken on a trip down memory lane. Doll rose to her feet, still bleeding. She balled her hands into fists as the tiles clinked into place, moving to reveal a winding passage. Ever the gentlemen, Ren insisted that she go first. Doll smiled, nodding, "Okay," she whispered, taking the first step. She wobbled slightly, managing to catch herself. Doll shook her head, she needed to remain focused, she couldn't injure herself now, before the big battle. "Where do you think this leads to?" Doll trusted him, Ren could have been leading her into a trap for all she knew, but she had confidence that he too, wanted to save Zero.

To Ren, Zero was a brother but to Doll... well, what was he to her? The feel of his hands, warm, strong, the thought of it made her blush. Doll looked down, hoping that her blonde hair would obscure her face. Stolen whispers, a quiet lesson, freeing her, saving her. She was nothing but trouble and yet, Zero kept her around. Why? All she ever did was cause him pain and it made her heart ache in ways she did not understand. Perhaps the answer lay in her missing memories, or maybe down this twisting dark hallway that made her skin shiver with goose flesh while her eyes worked to desperately adjust to the darkness.