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located in Mistviel City, a part of Shadows in the Mist, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mistviel City



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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique Character Portrait: Yuna Razen Character Portrait: Yuma Razen
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After that, the rest of Gym Class went normally...well, normally as any of them would expect for a Gym class in a world of magic, technology, and monsters. Thankfully, other then Abigail, it didn't seem like anyone else had a serious injury that required any real care, most was just band-aids.

At the end of class, the coach addressed everyone.

"Now, this day might seem to have hicups, but in truth this was actually pretty good. You see, a lot of people that come here, especially on their first year, often don't know their own strength and power very well. This total level of injury is actually pretty good. You have to remember, you wont learn much if you only get coddled, protected, and learn and experience what you want. The world is much larger, and far more dangerous, then that, and so part of this school is designed to help make sure you will get out of your comfort zones and be able to deal with it".

He then began addressing individual students, including a few other notable ones, but then got to Luke while mentioning Abigail who was not currently there.

"Luke, I think you might already have an idea about this, but you have to be careful about how you react to things. If you get angry and go overboard too easily, not only could you hurt someone needlessly, but you could also burn bridges that you might not want to burn, and that even your gifts would not be able to repair forcibly. As for Abigail, she is a good example of needing to control your powers and abilities, and to not let yourself go overboard or take too much heat...and to also be careful of who you trust and make friends with".

As that was mentioned, it was probably noted that several of the students did not look at the girl who sold Abigail out with favor...rather, they seemed more disgusted and negative.

"Next up, Alison. What that boy said about you and your family was certainly wrong and horrible, but you overreacted way too much. Not everyone will have the same opinions of you, and not everyone will like you or say good things about you. However, you cant just go and attack anyone who vocalizes those comments with such brutality and bloodlust that you showed earlier".

After that, he turned to the twins while he let Alison ponder those words.

"Yuna, Yuma. First off, you two clearly have your own issues. First off, in the beginning you were highly resistant to doing anything other then the way you wanted. Maybe it might make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or even embarrassed, but you can't always do things your way. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you have to do things you don't want to. And there is no guarentee you will always be able to be together. Also, your start of that fight, you clearly were unable to keep up the motivation to fight seriously. YOu got a bit better at the end, but you never know when you might have to fight against a friend. And in the future, you should avoid argueing with teachers".

And then finally, he turned towards Zuuka.

"And you...first off, I know he said some bad things to you and insulted the people you knew, but that was a bit too brutal of a reaction. Additionally, although it was fine this time, you should be careful in the future about underestimating your opponent and not using all you got. Besides, unless you fight with everything, you wont be able to grow or improve as well. And finally, you also need to remember to stay calm no matter what is said, because otherwise it could leave you with openings and weaknesses".

He then continued on, and went over everyone else in the class, including their strengths and weaknesses. After that, class was finally about over.

"Alright people, that is it for today. Remember to take a shower and wash off all the sweat! It wont be good for any of us if you stink for the rest of the day and bother everyone! And remember about what I told you! Things will only get harder from here!"

And after he said that, the class seperated and went to the lockerrooms where they would take off their gym clothes and shower before next class. As Zuuka stepped under one of the shower heads, he was able to not feel so intimidated by the other older boys showering around him as he worried about if Abigail would be okay and if she would be able to make next class.

He ended up in a position near Luke thankfully, but for a moment when he looked over he got a bit embarrassed again before remembering he was his roommate and asked a question.

"Hey, you two are okay right? Also...should we take notes for Abigail if she is not recovered yet?"

Incidentally, Yuna pulled Yuma over to share a single showerhead, deciding to take his advice and letting some time pass before they got involved again. That said, he was a bit concerned with some of the others using this opportunity to make fun of Yuma, so he decided to help speed things up and wash Yuma himself.

(So I left it here because we didn't decide yet what to have happen next, like what class and such. I think we might timeskip something like math and then have the class after that happen, to give Abigail time to recover though)