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located in Adventurer's Guild HQ, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Adventurer's Guild HQ

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.


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Character Portrait: Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria Character Portrait: Oza
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  1. Sorry for the text wall :)

    2018-04-16 02:28:02 by lil_kreen
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Chormynth looked at the page pressing her finger to it as if expecting something to happen. When nothing impresses from the page she picked up the writing instrument. Used to psionic interfaces she balked upon realizing paper wasn't connective in nature.

"Uh, I don't know how to write... ah... with my hands? I'll have to use my Ingress," Said the warrior peeling off a thin plate from her hip stuck to it like glued metal.

Hardened with a flick the ingress popped out vellum pages from brushed metal with a twang. Black and steel ivy backing placed on top of the page where the vellum above it faded in the writing. Only the text was now in Loross a tongue of archmages long dead and gone. Finger pressed to the pages the ingress transcribed underneath it. Words below it in the tongue near it though Chormynth herself added concepts in Loross.

Words form in the blanks under her gauntleted fingers at speaking, "Well we are all children of Myrkul. So my name is Chormynth Myrkul of Nuria Myrkul. We are from the Black Storm contained by the Bulwark created by the solar Ophaniel. I use pyroclast to specialize in umbralkind and risen tainted. Undead, you call it? I'm not very versatile yet but I don't usually need to sleep as long as I'm not overexerted or injured. I'm good at keeping watch."

Faint scales on her face face pucker as her eyes lit and tail twitched while she made a note, "Dislikes? I had a few male humankind try to touch me while I slept outside. I set them on fire and watched their spirits burn. I am only touched that way by the leave of Myrkul. I'll work with aetherkind but I don't have to like them. Celestialkind, Demonkind, Outerkind, those kind of offenders."

Heavy metal on her left arm flexes as her attention engages it. Floating to the surface thick plates and heavy cord of ferroplasm sinew. They arrange in a leap from her arm until a completed weapon launching straight at the floor. At full assembly it stops a hair's breadth from the floor. Delicate ferroplasm weave of the matching brigandine gauntlet now shown under missing weapon. She let go to which the weapon unfurled its guard swirling in place on its point. The weapon's thin fronds looked much like a flower in this position the haft an off-silver center. Only the redness and sharp tendrils stared in turn at Oza as it rotated upright in place. Inside the artifact weapon an animalistic sense of the world. One whom had senses instinct said that Oza wasn't humankind. While not direct hostility the pointed deviance expressed its displeased attention. Interlocking plates expressed the blade's mild animosity in more audible form. Thrumming red light pulses through them from inside with harsh sawtooth tones. Any detailed sense of the active arcane weapon gave the impression of potential. That her mother had loaded a pebble into artillery so her child could propel it.

She gestured at it while summarizing the text, "Aunt Sybil made pyroclast to be upgradable. Like Mother's. I'm attuned to the arcane and they can't teach me how to make engrams for it. I guess I could go to the market to see if the market has someone that can make engrams for my weapon. Our overbeing had enough trouble making the current one and I still can't regulate it. Not much more than keeping it from putting spellplague in things that aren't undead."

Hair behind her horns using a free hand it bobs with the eye toward the wooden structure, "The power to design them is way over my head for now. The unliving suffering from combustive spellplague suffer turning animus into ether. It's heatless but I won't burn your matchstick houses or anything."

She looked at Oza with a smile, "Well that should cover it, Oza. You're pretty good at pronouncing my name you know! It's Loross. You know I tried some wine we scavenged from a trapped planar traveler once. The books I read had humankind enjoying the drink. None of the Mada could get drunk and I guess I only wobbled a bit for an hour after two bottles. We thought wine has an interesting taste though. I'm old enough for drinking by that marker now anyway. I'm not sure how long a year is though."

Offering a hand to shake she said then turned to the receptionist, "You've been a great help for your answers, Oza. Thank you! Is there something else you need to know?"