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「 Kairo Choi ✧ 26 ✧ Music Therapist ✧ Hex: 400E15 」

Kairo had been swallowed up by the melody, his limbs moving slowly to give his body a nice warm up, that he didn't even hear the studio door open. "Are you"?" nearly jumping out of his skin, the man turned on his heels to face the newcomer. A young boy, Ethan if he remembered the name correctly, looking significantly lost and nervous. "I'm Ethan. Marissa sent me.". Though he let the song continue to play in the background, Kairo turned down the volume before heading over to the boy. Aside from looking confused, he had a very innocent look to him, standing at several inches shorter than Kai himself. The dancer's lips morphed into a soft smile as he extended his hand to great him. "Kai is fine." he said, his voice a soothing deep as he shook the boy's hand. It wasn't hard to pick up on just how nervous he was, so Kai did everything in his power to keep a soothing tone, face and a warm welcoming smile. Not that it was difficult as it tended to be his default setting. "Did you find your way here okay? I know it can be a bit confusing." he stated, in hopes of calming the boy on the off chance that he had gotten lost or struggled to find the studio.

As he waited for the reply, Kairo made his way over to a mini fridge he had in the corner of the studio. He hoped there were still beverages inside. Usually he would restock at the beginning of every week, but this week had been overwhelming to say the least. Corporate dinners with his family, the beginning of wedding preparations and on top of everything, seeing his usual students. He had simply just forgotten. Much to his relief, there was a bit of variety when he opened then small door. He pulled out a can of coca cola and held it in one hand as he picked up the iced tea and water in the other. "This is all I've got today, I'm sorry." he gave Ethan an apologetic chuckle. "Take your pick. I'll have better options next time."