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Ethan was focused on his surroundings. At this point, he no longer believed that Marissa was trying to kill him. The studio was virtually empty and had cameras in two the four corners, which he believed were linked to a security room. His nerves were eased a bit at the thought that if anything terrible happened to him, it would be recorded. But he was still going to be alone with a stranger for a while and that was not settling well with him. It had taken Clark weeks to warm up to Marissa. Ethan returned his focus back on the music therapist, who had turned down the music and reveled his face. It took a lot not to blurt out how handsome he was. He had soft facial features and a contagious smile. Ethan found himself smiling back at the man "Kai is fine." Ethan shook his hand. 'A nickname?' "Oh. Then you can call me Clark." He dropped the taller man's hand and ran it through his own hair. "Most people do, except Marissa. Something about professionalism..." He added with a shrug. He never understood why using his middle name was considered unprofessional, when everyone refers to him that way. He even let the first graders at the elementary school that he works at call him Clark.

Ethan tracked the therapist as he moved over to the mini refrigerator. He crossed his arms and slowly moved in the same direction that Kai had, still leaving plenty of space between the two of them. "Did you find your way here okay? I know it can be a bit confusing." Clark didn't think it was that hard to get here. "Yes I did. GPS is a wonderful thing." He assured him. And since he found it with such ease the first time, Clark knew that he wouldn't have an issue with it again. Ethan stopped walking when he made it to the middle of the studio floor. Close enough to the therapist to hear him and still close enough to the door to leave if he needed to make a quick escape. "This is all I've got today, I'm sorry." Ethan took note of the drinks in the man's hands. "Take your pick. I'll have better options next time." "Water is just fine." He didn't really drink much else. Unless it was alcohol and he was having a rough panic attack, but for the most part he just tried to drink water since his medication doesn't respond well to many other drinks. Clark moved a bit closer to take his water bottle. "So what exactly, is it that we will be doing? Marissa was vague and I don't really like surprises even though she says that they are good for me."