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Ethan opened his water bottle and took a sip from it. He continued to track the music therapist as he moved around the room. "Don't worry, there will be no crazy surprises here." This entire situation was a crazy surprise. He wasn't expecting to have to show up to music therapy and he wasn't expecting the therapist to be handsome. This whole thing has thrown him for a loop. Ethan enjoyed sitting in the same lazyboy chair every session and talking about the same stuff that he always does with Marissa. But now he is in an unfamiliar place, with a stranger, who just told him that he was here to relax. Clark went through half of his water bottle and stopped tapping his foot, that he hadn't even realized he was tapping. Kai gestured over to the couch and Ethan just looked in that direction, not making any sudden movements to go sit down. "How exactly to do you plan on getting me to relax?" After a moment of just standing in the center of the dance studio, he made his way to couch. "Do I have to tell you the same stuff I tell Marissa because I-I can't do that." He cannot bring himself to trust another person with everything that he is thinking and the things that he has done behind closed doors. 'What if he made the man mad one day? Then he could just go around and tell all of his personal business. What if he told his supervisor at work about his cutting habits? What if he told his parents that he was homosexual?!' Ethan hadn't even realized that he had been caught up in his thoughts again. He was breathing harder, his heartbeat was faster, and he was beginning to look pale. 'I just need one therapist! One!'