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Snippet #2749301

located in Mistviel City, a part of Shadows in the Mist, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mistviel City



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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique
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Abigail sat up quickly, being slightly tugged by tubes and wires. It took her a second to realize where she was, some nurses office or nursing station of sort. A nurse quickly ran over to her after some machines started going off, signaling she was awake and functional again. “Can I go please?” Was the first thing that came out of her mouth as she turned towards the nurse. At first the nurse wanted her to stay, but Abigail showed her she was fine, moving her cybernetic and normal limbs. Her cybernetics were back to the normal blue glow they gave off, only thing different was that her eye was still a red color. Abigail was confused why her eye was red, but just ignored it, thinking it would just go away

The nurses disconnected all the syringes from Abigail and said she was fine to go. Luckily for her while she was out they had given her a bath and cleaned her so she didn’t have to worry about taking a shower. Abigail put her hair up as she walked back towards the gym to grab her change of clothes, making her bangs cover up her cybernetic eye, to mask over it being red now instead of blue. As she got to back to the gym no one was there so she quickly changed back into her normal clothes and headed to the class, figuring out she missed a class and would be walking into history late.

Abigail knocked on the class door before she walked in, looking at the teacher and the rest of the class staring her being late. “My apologies, was at the nurses station, some… stuff happened.” Abigail said keeping her head low and heading to the back of the class, noticing that Zuuka, Luke, and Alison was in this class as well, along with some other students she’d seen around. She didn’t make eye contact with anything as she sat down and pulled out her text book.

A million thoughts were going through Abigail’s mind. Last thing she remembered was just losing control and watching as she punched Luke, and how she was about to attack him with her rapier. She doesn’t know how or why it happened, or why her eye was still red. She quickly adjusted her hair making sure it still covered her eye in the middle of her thoughts.