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Snippet #2749439

located in Onsen Island, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Onsen Island

This island is owned and operated by a private business that turned the entire place into a resort to relax and have fun, and even renamed it Onsen island to advertise one of its main features, the massive Onsen Resorts with all sorts of Hot Springs.


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Character Portrait: Quintin Melotique Character Portrait: Iziti Oculus Rixy Character Portrait: Vyro Ruuza Character Portrait: Ichero Fenix
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When they got back to the hotel room, Quin quickly found a towel and helped Ichero to dry off the rest of the way. His fur got all fluffy and he looked even cuter like this. Quin fought back a smirk as Ichero looked up with such an adorable smile. He was sure that he was going to die of cuteness overload from the combination of Ichero and Vyro. He grabbed him a robe as well and tied it around him nice and tight as he had done for Vyro, before putting his clothes in the hotel laundry hamper to be cleaned.

There you go all nice and dry and ready to go. Speaking of which, do you have some place to go? Were you trying to find some place specific?" Quin asked after kneeling to be at eye level with Ichero.

"I was really just trying to find someplace safe, I was told there was a school on this planet that protects it's students and keeps them safe. I know a bunch of the other Aonians were coming here too for the same thing. I was hoping to go there, but I also want to see if any of the others made it to the school." Ichero said, his voiced hitched a little as he tried not to cry.

Quin couldn't help but feel bad for the poor kid. He gave him a big hug and Ichero's tears began to flow as he sobbed into Quin's shoulder

"I don't want to go back there. The doctor did mean things. He put needles in us that put some kind of glowing purple goo inside of us. Some of us got sick from it, but we all got changed. The stuff burned my insides, and made me feel all weird and I fell asleep for a really long time. The doctor said I was asleep for two weeks and when I woke up I felt all different, like I wasn't me anymore, like it wasn't my body."

Quin held him closer and used a tone to make Ichero calm dawn a little and trust him a little bit more.

"It's okay, Ichero. We're here for you. We actually go to the school you mentioned and I'm sure they'll help keep you safe. You don't have to worry anymore, you're safe now." And with those words and his tone it was as though he had made everything all better. Ichero stopped crying and sniffled a little before hugging the other two boys as well and thanking them.

"So would it be okay if I stayed with you guys until you go back to the school?" He asked

"Well, I don't have a problem with it as long as Iziti and Vyro are okay with it." Quin said looking at the other two.