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located in Mistviel City, a part of Shadows in the Mist, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mistviel City



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"Now that everyone is here, allow me to begin. My name is Revena Suerosia, and I will be your history teacher. First off..."

As she began, she took out what appeared to be some sort of pointer like thing and tapped it against the chalkboard behind her. Suddenly, the words "Age of Shadows" appeared, and along with it a holographic map appeared in front of them and showed the entire region.

" you know, the Age of Shadows was a time of not just heroes and adventure, but hardships and threats. Various Demon Beasts...monsters as they were simply known back then, ravaged the lands and threatened all of our ancestors. And with that hardship, Greed, Pride, and Selfishness took root. Such as the subjugation of lower class people, the promotion of racism, and so on. Most people know of legendary heroes such as Gorodan, Tenshi, Essyr, and Duca. About how they held back armies of monsters, about how they slew dragons, toppled corrupt kings. But, there is more to history then just that!"

As she said that, she had the map focus in on a region as the words on the chalkboard changed. Now, the names Tevo and Sybil Rooca was there.

"Many people have forgotten or have just chosen not to mention this, even in some history books, but that is a travesty. And that is the great warrior, who at age fifteen was able to best some of the most dangerous of beasts in his area without any armor and with just an iron sword, known for his great spirit and skill, and his younger brother Sybil, who said said to have charm that matched rainbows and was a magical prodigy. They were not born in some fancy or well known place, and their family suffered. It is hard to say that they won their legend at all. But it is important, and it did happen. Because the area that they lived was consumed into the monster territory even to this day".

After that, she had details about each show up. Tevo Rooca, 17 years old, and Sybil Rooca, 11 years old.

"During the start of the age of Shadows, much of what we know happened today actually came from Sybil's journal. This is a fact that was left out by the kingdom that recovered the journal at the time, possibly because no one knows what happened to Sybil. But, it was confirmed that when Age of Shadows was said to have started, when monsters began to run rampant and expand outward, their village which was close to that area was the first to begin recieving damage and turmoil. According to what we recovered, it appeared the two brothers lost their parents at the very beginning. But instead of running away, they decided to fight and protect their village until reinforcements came, and the younger brother, Sybil, who was 10 when it all started, took notes about what they learned about new types of monsters and what usually showed up to help the reinforcements".

As she spoke, she then expanded the map to show what was that Kingdom at the time, although now that entire area was monster territory.

"However, despite their valient efforts, eventually everyone in the village died. They were hopelessly outnumbered, and instead of sending support for those people, the kingdom decided to use the time to bolster their defenses elsewhere. This is why facts about them were so obscure. The kingdom did not want to admit that, for an entire year, they left them out there to die for them. When an investigation team was finally sent, they found a grave for the older brother only a few weeks old, and only the younger brother's bloody journal was found. But, if it wasn't for these two, it was possible that the Age of Shadows would have been the last age for this entire continent".

As she remarked about that, she then turned towards the class with a sharp look in her eyes.

"Now, tell me. From all this, what is the first mistake that people who investigate, not just history but any mystery, can often make?"

That question, which appeared all of a sudden, could be instinctively felt to hold great meaning and importance, and for those who answered correctly might receive great praise and marks. But that provided giving an accurate and valid answer.