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located in Adventurer's Guild HQ, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Adventurer's Guild HQ

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.


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Character Portrait: Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria Character Portrait: Oza
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"Oh no, if they were fondling you while you were sleeping, by all means incinerate them until there is nothing left but ash" the receptionist reply without any break in her personality, demeanour, or anything. However, it was that lack of reaction that even scared Oza a little. Well, Oza knew he was not in danger, but that did not stop him from understanding that right now it might be dangerous for him to talk until a conversation change, being a boy (technically) himself.

Well, he was a Materialized AI who lacked any ability to reproduce with organics or those impulses, but he did have emotions like joy, fear, and embarrassment. Though, given he could change his appearance whenever he wanted, that last one was usually tough.

As Oza was about to talk though, the receptionist beat him to it.

"Eh? So you don't know then?"

"Hey, dont steal my moment".

Oza pouted towards the receptionist a bit, before turning and facing Chormynth again.

"Actually, I am a Digikind. I am a materialized AI, which means an Artificial Intelligence created in a computer that gained the ability to materialize in the real world. And I can do all sorts of stuff, like this!"

Suddenly, as he waved his arm quickly, suddenly it seemed to "digitize" and then reformed as a sword. He swung it around a few times to show her, and then returned it back to normal.

"There are Digikind who cant materialize, and Digikind like me who can. The most basic and well known examples would be the creatures known as Digimon, but its not exclusive to that. And also..."

He put out his arms and pressed his thumbs and index fingers together, before spreading them out by moving in opposite directions and seperated them. However, a holographic screen appeared in front of Oza, and one of the things he brought up was a map of Hayslem City.

"And this is a holographic interface, though there are various variations and such so some will appear and operate differently then others. Anyways, any preference on types of areas you might want to see first? Like where people tend to casually gather to meet or hang out or relax, or any famous spots, or good food places, or the like?"