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Ivy leaned in the corner of her room where the glass met the concrete, her head cradled by the two walls. Her eyes were closed as she breathed heavily through her nose, not from the pain but from the darkness. The guards and whomever else in the facility knew about her fear of the dark... They knew about everyone's fears. No doubt, her earlier actions warranted the lights going out so early. It wasn't pitch black in their cellblock once she let her eyes get adjusted, which is why she sat their trying to remain calm with her eyes closed.

But then her eyes snapped open when she felt the presence of another mind in her own. It was subtle beyond the pain of her own injuries that seemed to over power her senses, but she felt it. [ Ivy. ] Ivy slowly turned her head to glance over her shoulder toward Hawke, able to vaguely make out his shape in the darkness. [ Ivy. Don't sleep, please. ]

[ I'm not... ] Even in her mine, her mental voice was weak and quiet. She was exhausted, mentally and physically while she tried not to let her fear consumer her.

[ Are you okay? ...No, that's a stupid question to ask. I guess... why'd you do that? You know how they are. I don't know how to make it up to you. ]

Ivy looked down at her hands. As she ran the tip of her thumbs along her fingers she could feel the stickiness of her own dried blood. [ I didn't ask you to make it up to me. ] She sighed, looking over at Hawke, trying her best to make eye contact through the darkness. [ You are the glue that holds us together, Hawke. Do you know what the loss of you would do to us?... To me? ] After a long moment, she glanced down at her hands and continued. [ ...And I was worried. ]

With her eyes adjusted, Ivy carefully pushed off the wall and moved to her feet. She slowly walked over to her sink. She waited for a few moments before raising her head to take in her appearance in the mirror. Even in the darkness, she could see the bruises that had already began taking shape on her face and the trail of dried blood that ran from her nose down over her lips. With a sniffle, she trudged over to the bed and sat down with a sigh. She carefully and slowly tried to wiggle the loosened buckle free.

Vlad held his guitar in his lap but couldn't find the motivation to play, instead seeing the object as a comfort. The moment he felt the gates open in his mind signaling that his brother had connected their minds, Vlad jumped to his feet. He moved to the concrete wall that was closest to Hawke, pressing his forehead against the cold concrete. Just feeling the presence of Hawke in his mind helped him breathe easy, while his anger toward the men at the facility grew. He clenched his fists and punched the wall.

[ I need to tell you something, and I can't let anyone else know. You can't tell anyone this. The doctors... there's some kind of plan on place, some sort of long term project. An experiment, and we're the subjects. They're building us, strengthening us for some kind of purpose. I've been looking around, picking up what I could - and they found out. That's why today happened. ]

Specter froze where he stood... If they know that Hawke has been picking up on what information he could get from them, then what did they know about himself? Of course, his powers weren't detectable like Hawke's were when he was in someone's mind. But, did they know about him memorizing information too? How would they know? But, the thought, none the less worried him. After all, the only people capable of getting any information that the guards didn't want them knowing was himself and Hawke. That definitely put his head in the balance.

[ I'm aware that... it might come your turn to come under questioning. And I can't guarantee that they won't do what they did to me again. But I had to tell you. Do you... believe me? ]

[ It makes sense. For awhile I've been wondering if we were being bread... For weapons. I didn't want to say anything until I had proof. But... Why else would they do this to us? Force us into obedience, experiment on us to makes us more powerful and useful, strengthen our skills. We're their own super soldiers. I mean Ivy, ] He sighed glancing down. [ She is the ultimate weapon along with someone like Vlad... This is why we're here. Why else you think they haven't killed her yet with how many times she's tried to escape? ]

Ivy glanced down at the straight jacket around her torso as Specter's words soaked in. It made sense. Why hadn't they killed her? Honestly, she'd rather be dead than in this place. Maybe, subconsciously, she tried to escape hoping she'd either get out or they'd just kill her. It'd be easier that way. She briefly glanced over her shoulder toward Hawke and Novak. They were all fucked. Plain and simple.

Vlad paced around his cell, scratching his head and ruffling his hair. They could torture him as much as they wanted, but he didn't know any information. Or... Worse, they could use him to get to his brother. That was always the struggle with the both of them in a place like this. When the one didn't cooperate, they would beat the other senseless until they did. He clenched his fists, slamming his knuckles into the concrete wall. [ We need to get the fuck out of here! ]

Specter walked up to the glass wall of his cell, looking across to Vlad. His left hand held his hand as he thought, while he tapped his right index finger against the glass. [ I have been... Memorizing key combinations for... years. ] He clicked his tongue in his mouth as his gaze scanned his cell. [ If it wasn't for the electrical current in the walls... I could get out of here. I could get us out of here. ]

Ivy raised her head slightly, her eyes wide at the comment. She chewed on her bottom lip as she thought over what Specter was saying. Then finally, she let her thoughts flood out to the others quietly. [ A couple months ago I... ] She sighed softly. [ I started to notice that I can syphon the power from the electro shock machine... ] She slowly looked up, meeting Hawke's gaze.