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xxx"and we’ll never be royals,
xxxit doesn’t run in our blood,
xxxthat lux just ain’t for us
xxxwe crave a different kind of buzz."

For the first time in... well, a long time, things were starting to look up for Wendy once again. They hadn’t been sure how the gender swapped Hamlet would be received. But in advance of it’s release, three months away, people were already talking about it. Which meant that Wendy’s name was also getting attention. The press junket was coming up, and soon, people were going to know her face and her name. Her agent was optimistic that she’d start getting more and more jobs once the film itself was released. But in the meantime, Wendy was still trying to juggle her two part time jobs and her acting career.

And yet she’d still managed to find a free night to come see an old friend play a big gig. And, well, help pack up afterwards. She hadn’t been sure if she would have actually made the gig, so she hadn’t made any promises. But she’d managed to get the morning shift at the coffee shop and swap her shift at the theatre with a friend. So, a nap, coffee, and pill later she was ready for the gig. As usual, the universe didn’t want to make her life easy, and even though she was cycling there, she still got stuck in traffic. Having mentally sworn out a few cops and dumping her bike by the side of the bar, she made it in just as they started.

They were good. Sure, the inexperience showed in their nerves and the occasional technical glitch, but they had talent. And Wendy beamed with pride, applauding and cheering as they finished, already making her way to the side stage to congratulate Ashleigh as she came off. β€œHey! You were amazing, oh my gosh!” She said as she climbed onto the stage. She rolled her eyes at the comment about her schedule. β€œAnd it’s only going to get worse,” she muttered, nearly more to herself than anything. Then she grinned at the handsome guitarist beside Ashleigh. God. He really was pretty.

She laughed a little at Ashleigh’s introduction of her. β€œIf you could please tell that to any casting agents you know of, that would be great, thanks. I also moonlight as an usher and barista,” she added with a wink as she started unplugging speakers and coiling cable. β€œAnd tech girl, it appears,” she added. β€œBut hi, Jean, it’s lovely to meet you. Both of you were incredible, you should have agents and label reps fighting over you in no time.”