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Ethan thought he was going to pass out. He was trapped here with a man that was going to somehow use music to force him to tell him everything about himself. He didn't want to do that. He couldn't do that. Clark could feel himself getting lightheaded, so he continued to drink his water. Maybe I should just leave... He thought to himself, glancing towards the front door. But that would be rude and then Kai would tell Marissa. Then Marissa would just scold me and then send me right back to this studio. I am stuck here. Just when he thought his heart was going to explode, the music therapist finally spoke up. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to." Clark let out the breath he didn't even realize that he was holding. He didn't need to share his secrets or tell the man about his day. That provided some relief. His heartbeat was slowly returning to its normal. He took his seat on the couch across from the music therapist. Ethan couldn't bring himself to sit next to him. That was just too close for comfort.

He finished his water and gently sat it on the floor of the dance studio. Ethan was tense and couldn't bring himself to relax in the couch, that was surprisingly comfortable. His back was straight, hands resting in his lap. Clark's index finger was tapping on his knee as he looked to Kai. "What's you favorite song?" Favorite song? Ethan had never thought about having a favorite song before. He usually isn't very picky about his music as long as it wasn't country. His music playlist was full of a lot of different songs, but which one did he want to hear right now? "H-how about..." He was still trying to think. "Lego House by Ed Sheeran." Clark often put on Ed Sheeran while at home. It wasn't about the song particularly, it was about Ed Sheeran's voice. It was oddly soothing for him and often kept him calm. Many soft-spoken singers, both pop and r&b, do this for him. This particular song choice, however, was chosen mostly because he liked the rhythm and he wanted to be distracted from his thoughts.