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Welcome, students, to the school of dreams....

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xxxxxxxLocation: Dorm Room/Cafeteria

Aria groaned as her phone's alarm echoed through the room. She rolled over and reached for her phone as it rested face down on her side table. Somehow she had placed it much further away than she remembered and in her efforts to reach the darn thing, she fell from her bed. She groaned again and pushed herself up with a quiet sensored curse. She scrubbed at her face and eyes as she reached for her phone and flinched at the screen's brightness. After dismissing her alarm. She looked longingly at her bed and then back at clock on her phone. Then back at her bed. Then back at her phone and sighed. While it was their day off, the cafeteria only served breakfast until 10 and it was already just before nine. She still needed to shower, blow dry and style her hair, get dressed, wake up Theo, and then make it downstairs and all the way to the cafeteria.

All of that was bound to take an hour.

So with another wistful sigh as she glanced at her bed--hands down the most comfortable thing she had ever slept in--and shuffled her way over to her windows to draw back the velvety, light blocking curtains. She flinched as the golden light of morning streaming into the bedroom, and muttered grumpily to herself as she made her way to the bathroom. Each dorm was a suite with two bedrooms and bathrooms each, a living area and a small kitchen in between. While meals were encouraged to be shared in the cafeteria, it wasn't mandatory. A lot of the seniors chose to stay in their dorms and eat there. Made for more practice time. Aria was thankful to have her own bathroom. To have her own room, too. This school was so much more luxurious than she could ever imagine.

She climbed into the shower after pulling off her pajamas and reveled in the hot water for a moment before continuing. Hot water! It was a rarity at Lady Augustine's. It wasn't that they never had it. It was more that they didn't have a powerful enough water heater to heat enough water for everyone to take hot showers. Mostly, the caretakers got a chance. Maybe some of the older kids too, but the little ones? All cold. And often shared. Ari had always volunteered to help the little ones so her showers were hardly ever warm. Steam was pouring from the bathroom after she had finished showering and drying her hair.

Then she made her way over to the closet full of... well whatever she managed to find through the past couple years at thrift shops with whatever money she managed to make at her job. She had bought some for Theo as well. She found some things that were actually pretty cute and put them on. She stared at herself in the mirror. Only five days and she could swear she looked totally different. There was a glow about her now and her hair and face were actually clean. And all because she was here. Training to be a world famous violinist.

She smiled broadly into the mirror and made her way into Theo's room where she threw open the curtains exclaiming, "Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!" Before leaving the room to allow him some privacy. She went over the closet by the front door and chose her metal studded boots that she had been super excited to find. Sometimes you can't find anything good at a thrift shop. And other times, you find a real gem. Then she moved back into Theo's room and said, "Come on! We're going to miss breakfast!"

Ari loved the food here. Especially breakfast. It was always warm, there were a ton of options, and there was so much of it. The night, she stuffed her face so much, she had made herself sick. Thankfully, that had been their welcome dinner, and she could vomit in peace. She was just as thankful to find out that she would be sharing a room with Theo. The two had been inseparable since the day they met and that would continue even after they left Lady Augustine's. She smiled at her best friend as he exited his room. "You look handsome. Now lets go eat!"

Once they had made their way down stairs and all the way to the cafeteria. When Ari first saw the cafeteria--a completely separate thing from the dining hall she found out--she stared with her jaw dropped. It was a re-purposed greenhouse attachment so the outside wall was all glass windows which allowed light to enter and it made all the gold and white in the room glitter. They had even kept some planter boxes by the windows and placed a few two-seated small tables as well so people could sit near the glass and eat. It was modified, however, so it wouldn't be so hot while the students were eating....Either that or they kept the ac on so high no one noticed.

She moved through the buffet line with a tray containing one plate and one bowl. After that first night, she was determined to limit herself. She filled the bowl with fruit and filled her plate with bacon, eggs, and two pieces of toast. She grabbed a fork, a napkin, and a cup of apple juice, before heading to an empty table. When Theo joined her, she bit off a piece of bacon, chewed, swallowed and said, "I feel like we haven't seen each other much since school started... how are you liking your classes? Did you sleep okay? Aren't these beds amazing!? And this food! Did you dream any? Sorry, I'm rambling, I'm just so excited to be here!" While she was making exclamations, she wasn't loud exactly. Just energetic.

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XXXXXXLocation: Dormroom/Cafeteria

Much to Archer's dismay, he was awake. At 9-o-clock... on a Saturday. He groaned, rolled over. Groaned, rolled the other way. Groaned and settled onto his back, but it was no use. He was awake. He tossed his pillow at the nearest wall, before picking up his phone and checking to see what time it really was. He was right. It was 9. He muttered obscenities to himself as he made his way into the bathroom. He was awake. It was obvious he wasn't going back to sleep. Might as well take a shower while he was at it. He took a quick one, just enough to wake him up and wash the sleep sweat from his skin.

He walked, a towel wrapped around his hips, out of his room and into the kitchen for a glass of water. After he gulped down the refreshing glass, he made his way back into his room where he stared at his clothing for a while. He wasn't one to care about his looks, but his father had taught him to always look his best. You never know what opportunities come your way when you do. He picked out a few things and changed. He went into the bathroom to style his hair now that it was a little drier. And by style, I mean he ran his fingers through it a little.

When he was satisfied, he made his way to Rowan's door where he stopped and stared at it. Archie... wasn't a big fan of waking Rowan. He was a nice guy once you get to know him, but if you judged him by his cover, he was a little scary. And for good reason. He sighed and knocked on the door to Rowan's room. "Hey, man. It's 9:30. Do you want to get some breakfast?"