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xxxxxxxLocation: Dorm Room/Cafeteria

Ari chuckled a little as she munched on her bacon. "Sorry, Theo. I'm just so excited." She finished off her strip of bacon--probably one of the best things she had ever eaten here--and picked up her fork to eat her eggs. She scooped a forkful on top of a piece of her toast and took a bite. Once she swallowed, she answered Theo. "I can't. Every morning I wake up, I completely forget where I am for a moment and then once I realized how dark, quiet, and warm it is, I know I'm here." She smiled brightly. Unable to help herself. "It's so crazy, Theo. We're here! We're not at Lady Augustine's. We're here and we're living our dreams."

Ari ate another bite of her food. "So. Classes. What have you learned?" She pointed her fork at him, scrambled egg falling back onto her plate. She scooped up more and ate it while she listened.

Then she shared her week with Theo. "I am... hitting a few speed bumps. I can't read notes because I play everything by ear and math... is elusive." She stared at her plate a split second before smiling up at him. "But I'll figure it out." She took another bite of her toast. "I love Academic Writing though. And my Elementary Ear Training... OH! And I get to free play for a few hours in my instrumental studies class!" That's when she remembered there was a fruit bowl beside her and ate a bunch of strawberries and grapes.

"You know, these are so much fresher than the fruit we had at Lady Augustine's. It's crisper and tastes... so good." She popped a grape into her mouth. Then she saw a familiar face over Theo's shoulder and ducked her head. It was the boy from her algebra class. "Oh! And I need to practice in one of those practice rooms today. Miss Faver is pushing me to learn this new piece by Monday."

She noticed a familiar face at the table to their right and ducked her head. "Oh man. It's the guy from my math class." Before Theo could even react she exclaimed, "No don't look!" In a near shout. Her face flushed and she glanced up hoping he wasn't looking at them.

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XXXXXXLocation: Dormroom/Cafeteria

Archie nearly jumped two feet in the air when Rowan came up behind him. He turned quickly to face him, then turned back to the door, then back to Rowan. "Dude!" He pointed with a thumb back to his roommate's closed door. "I thought you were sleeping." He shook his head and moved out of the way while Rowan passed. "Scared the crap out of me, man." He ran his hand though his hair, shaking the surprise from his body.

Now that Rowan was there, Archie made his way into his bedroom to grab his sneakers. He pulled them and met Rowan back in the living area. "Well, let's go man. Sleeping makes me hungry." They made their way downstairs, weaving between students heading back to their dorms for the day. "So I'm thinking of making an egg burrito for breakfast." He said as they walked, "Oh and where the hell were you this morning." He shook his head with a chuckle and a grin, "Scared me. You're a friggen ninja. Must be that 'dancer's grace' I hear so much about."

When they entered the cafeteria, Archie grinned. He had been here since the middle of summer-- excited to get a head start-- and already enjoyed the cafeteria. The lighting was gorgeous and he itched to take photos of the flowers, but every time he went to eat, he would leave his camera behind so he wouldn't get it dirt or wet. They made their way to the food line and he did just as he said, he found a tortilla (put out specifically for scrambled egg burritos), some scrambled eggs, a few red peppers and sausage bits, and rolled it up. Then he grabbed a couple pancakes, two small things of butter and syrup, and a few strips of bacon and sat down at an empty table.

After he prepped the pancakes, he cut the pancakes and stabbed a few pieces before sticking them into his mouth and moaning in satisfaction. "Ugh. I know its no different than at home, but my god, it tastes so much better." Then he noticed a head of curly hair at the table near him and ducked. "Oh man, it's the kid from art history." He whispered and ran a nervous hand through his hair.