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「 Kairo Choi ✧ 26 ✧ Location: Dance Studio ✧ Hex: 400E15 」
Kai watched attentively as Ethan took a seat on the empty couch. He was still visibly nervous, and a little tense to put it lightly, but he was taking baby steps and that's what mattered. He waited for the boy's answer, and though he wasn't sure what he was expecting, it certainly wasn't what he got. Kai took a few seconds of silence to go over the song's basic melody in his head before responding. "Good choice." he complimented first before strumming a few chords, taking note in the back of his mind the kind of music that Ethan probably preferred. His song choice in particular, was a very calm and subtle melody, ideal for relaxing. So the dancer's fingers began to pluck away at the guitar strings, opting to exclude the lyrics at first, and let the soft melody echo throughout the studio.

He played a few seconds of the acoustic instrumental before coming to a slow pause. "Does that sound about right?" he asked, his gaze switching from his guitar strings to Ethan. His features remained serene as he waited for the boy's approval, and once he got it, he smiled softly and began to play again. This time however, he included the lyrics. He'd never had any vocal training, but had been lucky enough to find that he could actually hold a note. For this song in particular, his own voice happened to fall within the same register as the original singer, making it easier both on his throat and on Ethan's ears. He sang through the first verse and chorus, allowing Ethan to just listen in silence in hopes of easing his nerves, even if just a fraction of a percent. Before continuing, however, he glanced in the boy's direction to examine his reaction. If he seemed to be enjoying it, Kai would happily continue. However, if not he would have to find a different approach. The first day was always the most difficult, as he attempted to get a feel for the patient, their personality, their likes and dislikes. For a while it would have to be trial and error, but soon enough he would get it right.