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xxxxxxxLocation: Dorm Room/Cafeteria

Ari's face flushed deeper when Theo had asked if she liked him. She didn't really have an answer for him. Theo was right, he was pretty scary. But there was something about him that was... not. Ari couldn't put her finger on it. A lot of people seemed to like him. Just as Ari was thinking it, two people walked up and greeted him. Called him 'Santi'. Ari tilted her head and glanced at him. It suited him. "No, well I mean it's not that I don't like him." She chuckled nervously and sipped a little at her apple juice before sticking a lock of hair in her mouth. "He just.. caught my attention. That's all." Once she realized what she was doing, she spat out her hair and tried to smooth it down.

After she finished her food and let out a small burp and giggled as she covered her mouth with a hand looking just a little embarrassed. "Scuse me." She lifted her arms up over her head in a satisfying stretch before rising. "So I can walk you back to the dorm room, but after I grab my violin, I'm going to practice for a few hours. What do you want to do lunch?" She dumped her garbage in the tray and then placed the tray and plate where they belonged. "What are you going to do while I'm gone? I think it's a beautiful day out if you wanted to go sketch."

As they walked at a more leisurely pace, she would randomly twirl. The school was beautiful. Inside and out. She heard it used to be an old opera house that they turned into a school. The theater was old, but it had been updated beautifully so it was safer and also more up to date on the tech. Ari couldn't keep the grin off her face. "If you want I can play for you later. It's been so long. Maybe I can pose..." She struck a silly pose before she continued, "for you, too." She had intended it to make him laugh. He looked a little panicked before they left the cafeteria so she wanted to cheer him up in her usual way. Being an absolute goof ball.

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XXXXXXLocation: Dormroom/Cafeteria

Archie swore quietly when Rowan turned and looked at the table just as the two at the table looked at them. With the boy from his art history class was a ginger headed girl who was looking not at him, but at Rowan. He looked back and forth between the two when is eyes landed on those of the boy. He was staring right at him. Something shot through his very core and he looked down, his attention on his pancakes. That's when Rowan's friends came around and got between the two tables.

Thank god, he thought as he finished off his pancakes. Thankfully, the two at the table seemed to be leaving while Rowan was still talking with his friends which meant he could finish his pancakes without feeling like he was being watched. And, if he was being honest with himself, probably watching them himself. There was just something about the boy that he found... attractive. Well, he was attractive to Archie, but there was something more... enticing about him. Like a puppy dog. He did have big brown eyes.

Once Rowan's friends finally left, he replied to his earlier question. "There's nothing about him. Why are we even talking about him? Eat your breakfast," he said a tad grumpily, but it didn't do anything to mask the blush that was crawling up his neck at the thought of explaining to Rowan that he thought the boy was attractive and had thought so since the day he walked into art history and saw the boy. He took another bite of pancake and apologized, "Sorry, Ro. Guess I should've had wheaties instead of an egg burrito" which he hadn't yet touched, "So what are you plans for the day? Wanna chill and watch a movie or play video games... or whatever...?"