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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImageAria claimed not to like the guy, and half of Theo's mind was inclined to believe it. The other half was skeptical and found the way she said this and the actions that went with it more than a tad bit suspicious. Still, he didn't comment on it again, as she made a point to finish breakfast and leave. On their way out, Theo's eyes casually drifted in the nearby table's direction again. He told himself it was in order to get a better look at Ari's interest, but his gaze ended up on the brunette sitting across from him, his face buried in his food now. His stomach twisted uncomfortable as he followed Aria out of the bustling cafeteria.

At this point in time, Theo knew. He wasn't dumb, nor was he in denial. He knew that he had felt a spark of attraction towards the guy. He knew he was attracted to guys in general, something he had figured out a while ago while they still resided at Lady Augustine's. But Aria didn't, not yet and not as long as he could help it. The thought of her rejecting him because of this made his chest compress and the back of his eyes start to burn. She was all she had in terms of family and he wasn't willing to lose her. Even if it meant hiding a part of himself as big as this one.

His best friend's voice brought him out of his thought process and he watched her twirl, delighted by their surroundings. It was no secret that Aria was born to be at a school like this. As for Theo himself, well he still wasn't very sure about that. Still the sight of her happy made him smile effortlessly. "Maybe I can pose...for you, too." He chuckled at her stance and flashed her a thumb. "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer soon. I'll- oh crap!" his feet came to a sudden stop, his eyes large rounded blues, looked in Aria's direction as a thought came to mind. "My sketchpad is still in the art studio." he explained as he realized he would soon need it to work on his first art project assignment. And perhaps it wouldn't have been such a big deal, had it not been for the fact that the art studios were in a completely separate building across campus. "We can meet at the cafeteria entrance for lunch." he suggested, remembering Ari had asked about lunch earlier. And with that he was off, hoping to get his sketchpad quickly so he could still have some time to sleep.

Luckily the building, as well as the studio, was easy to find. The traditional arts room and spaces typically stoof out to him among the rest. And his sketchpad was resting right where he had left it. He quickly chuckled to himself, knowing that if this had been at Lady Augustine's, it would have been snatched from the moment he turned his back. Sketchpad in hand, he headed back outside. It was a beautiful day out, like Ari said. There was just the right amount of wind, a nice temperature and mild sunshine. Everything was right, except for the fact that Theo hadn't a single clue how to get back to his dorm. He'd done it several times already, but with Ari at his side. And as confident as he had been that he could make it back on his own, he had to admit now that he was utterly lost.

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImageRowan was more than aware of the signs that came with Archie being attracted to someone. It happened every time, which begged the question of why the photographer even attempted to hide these things from him anymore. He had to know that to Rowan, he was practically see-through. "Don't tell me what to do." he huffed in response to Archie's instructions to "just eat" his food, though he took a spoonful of his scrambled eggs and bacon a moment after. He watched as the duo from the other table got to their feet and headed out of the cafeteria, though the fact that the blue-eyed boy glanced in their direction didn't go unnoticed. "He's looking at you, ya know?" he added, casually biting on his slice of toast. In all honesty, the dancer didn't watch long enough to be able to tell who the boy was looking at, however he also never missed an opportunity to get Archie as riled as possible.

"Sorry man" he finally said as he got to his feet, tossing a small pile of napkins onto his empty tray. "I've got a lot of practicing to do." he already knew what Archie would says. Something along the lines of "but it's a Saturday" or "you don't even need to practice!" but before he actually could say it, Rowan spoke again. "why don't you go chat with your new boy toy?" and before Archie couldn't respond to that, Rowan was already on his way out.

Within ten minutes, he was already at the dance studio. It was still empty, for now, which meant that he had chosen the perfect time to practice. But as much as he wanted to take advantage of the alone time, there was something he needed to do first. He sat his belongings down on one of the empty benches and slipped his phone out of his pocket. It was around ten thirty now, which meant that his family, more specifically his sister, had to be awake. After finding his mother's contact, he pressed the small camera in the corner and waited. Within seconds, his mother's face popped up on his phone screen and her soothing voice came flooding through the earbuds. "Hola, mijito, como estas?!" Rowan's lips curled into a relaxed smile as he sat beside his belongings on the wooden bench. "Hey ma, I'm still doing fine." he assured her before getting to the main reason he had called specifically on a Saturday morning. "How are you guys? And Luwie?" his mother chuckled softly, already having been on her way to find the ten-year-old. "She's right here listening." she replied before turning the phone's camera. A small framed, dark blonde haired girl with large hazel eyes came into view and Rowan's smile widened almost immediately. It hadn't been that long since he last spoke to his sister, but to him it felt like an eternity.