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xxxxxxxLocation: Dorm Room/Cafeteria

Ari smiled brightly as her best friend's smile returned. It never fails. She thought. When he suddenly stopped and explained he had left his sketchbook in the studio, Ari frowned, but nodded at his suggestion of meeting at the cafeteria entrance for lunch. "Sounds good," She said as the boy took off. "And don't get lost." She knew he couldn't hear her. It wasn't so much a statement for him. It was more of a silent prayer for him. This was a new and unfamiliar place. Honestly, she was surprised she hadn't gotten lost. Then again, maybe her love for adventure gave her an excellent sense of direction. Who knows?

With a shrug, her soft smile returned and she turned back towards the direction of the dorm rooms. She needed to grab her violin before heading to the sound-proof practice rooms they had in the instrumental buildings. These tended to be the practice rooms built sound-proof and with excellent acoustics. State of the art, top of the line, everything that the School of Dreams needed for their students to be successful. The walk back alone seemed to take more time than it usually did when she was with Theo. Maybe because Theo kept her on the task at hand, while she tended to wander around in fascination at her surroundings. Everyday she couldn't believe that she was even here. It was so amazing. And everything was so expensive looking and luxurious. Had she been visiting and still living at Lady Augustine's, she probably would've been too afraid to touch anything for fear of breaking it. That, and she was almost always covered in dirt or mud or even leaves. She loved to be outside. It was a weird change to feel so good indoors.

Once she made it back to their dorm room, she quickly walked into her room, grabbed her violin from where it was on the lounge seat, and left, locking the door behind her. Then she made her way to the practice room. Her fingers started to itch which tended to happen when she really wanted to play and felt she couldn't. Which, while she was walking the halls, she felt a little odd about doing so, but something about today--the freeness of a day off--she decided she would. She had long ago created a strap for her violin case so she could carry it and play at the same time. That's what she did now. She swung the strap over her shoulders so it was secure and took out her violin and started to tune it to warm up.

As she walked, she passed more and more people and she got the sinking feeling they were all watching her and... not enjoying. She was not entertaining them... She was annoying... and just like that, the violin was back in its case and she was walking silently and more than a little quickly down the sidewalk and towards the practice building. Across from the music building, was the performance building. That's where they rehearsed acting and dance. She thought about peaking her head through a window as she walked by on her way back to the dorms, but at the same time, she didn't want to be caught watching. She supposed it would depend on how she felt afterwards.

Once she found an empty practice room, she set her violin case down and pulled out her violin. She started playing slowly at first, building into the song and started to play. It was something she had heard somewhere before and she just couldn't put her finger on where, but it stuck in her head all the same.

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XXXXXXLocation: Dormroom/Cafeteria

Archie was positively mortified at Rowan's teasing. He supposed it was fairly obvious that Archie found the boy adorably attractive. He was one to play for both teams, however, it was usually towards girls. Something about the boy made him a special case. It made him someone Archie found himself wanting to talk to, but was far too embarrassed to actually do anything about it. It made it even worse when Rowan teased him. "Shut up, dude!" Archie hissed into his egg burrito. "What if he hears you?"

Before Rowan even responded, he was up and tossing napkins onto his empty tray which, of course, Archie would probably have to put away for him, and was out the door. Archie's face was heated by Rowan's final words to him: "boy toy". That's not how the thought about the curly haired, baby blue-eyed boy. Archie tossed a fallen red pepper at Rowan's back as the boy left him behind. It missed, of course, prompting the near by custodian to hiss at him while shaking her fist. He ducked his head and mouthed Sorry, before finishing his burrito. A couple of guys from his classes gave him a nod as they passed, but no one else sat with him. That's okay. He was used to being alone. Used to being Mr. Invisible.

Once he finished his breakfast, he cleaned up their table and tossed the garbage into the can before playing the empty trays and plates on top to be taken back for cleaning. He smiled shyly at the custodian as if to say, See? I'm not a bad guy," but not only was she not looking at him, but he figured she also probably didn't care. With a sigh he headed back to his dorm room instead, ready to do nothing for the day.

Once he arrived, however, he decided he was too restless to do nothing after a week of constant movement, so instead, he grabbed one of his cameras, a Nikon D500, and headed outside. He took a few pictures of the grounds and of the students, before he saw a head of familiar curly blonde hair and froze. The boy wasn't looking at him, but instead, he was looking around. There was something so... he wasn't sure, but there was something about the kid that made him snap a quick picture. Only after that did he realize there was a look of confusion on his face. Archie cursed inwardly at himself, took a deep breath and walked towards him. "Hey, man!" He said by way of greeting. "You're in my art history class right? I'm Archer, my friends call me Archie and by friends I really mean my friend, Rowan. Do you need any help?" Then he realized how dumb he sounded and continued, "Not that you can't help yourself, but you look lost and I've been here for a couple months so I kind of know my way around a little. Not to brag, but I even know where the good practice rooms for the music students are. Not that it's anything all that interesting, but there are seniors who don't even know about them and I'm rambling. I should probably let you speak. So um..." He gulped, "How can I help you?"