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S.A.A. Facility

Sibling Allocation Act Facility


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The emotions filling his head were more than pure worry. There was tension too, and Hawke tried to place the different traces to the group. He wasn't the only one to know something, but who was it? Relief filled him at that revelation - he wasn't the only one to know something.

[ It makes sense. For awhile I've been wondering if we were being bred... For weapons. I didn't want to say anything until I had proof. But... Why else would they do this to us? For us into obedience, experiment on us to make us more powerful and useful, strengthen our skills. ]

A voice piped up, soft and unexpected. [ I know why. ] Hanne made a sudden restless movement, flipping onto her back, feeling the bedsprings press into her spine. After a pause, trying to sort her words out, she continued again. [ They're scared there'll be a war, and they need an advantage. They've been talking about who's ready to be "deployed" - they think I'm almost ready to support... support what, I don't know. Hawke and Vlad, if you're "motivated accordingly". Ivy's a "work in progress". ] There was an awful silence as the implication of her words sank in, even for herself. [ They say things sometimes that they don't think I understand. ] she added lamely.

We need to get the fuck out of here! ] Vlad's outburst made Hanne jump, but only drew Novak further into their slump. Escape had been a pipe dream for many years, but there were just too many variables. Too many factors, and it just needed one to go wrong and they'd all be tossed back in on their asses, and beaten to a pulp besides. Weapons or not, the facility took little chances with them.

Still, they listened, curled up in their corner, as Specter and Ivy took their turns to speak, contributing what they had. And as they spoke, an idea occurred to Hawke. He held Ivy's gaze steadily, unwilling to let hope overtake him, but still just a tiny bit excited, for the first time in an eternity. [ Spec, have you got the codes for this week? And Ivy... if you could do that, do you think you could get through to Specter to get him out? Because if we could all go, we might have a better chance as a group effort... ] He let the thought trail off, looking between Ivy and Specter, unwilling to believe that they had more than just a sliver of a chance. There were still the guards, and the entire facility to get through.

An idea occurred to Novak, and they sat forward, thinking hard. [ I know they take you different routes sometimes. They don't always bring me to the same place for testing. And we know this building is round. If everyone tries to remember every route you've ever taken, I could figure out the layout of this place and move us around. It could at least help with shaking the guards off. But I don't know how far we'll get. ] They faltered. Would a group escape end the same way individual escapes always did?

Hawke knew what it meant if they were caught - the facility would have their confirmation that the group knew things they weren't supposed to, would do worse to force the information out of them. Maybe even separate them for good. But he had to try. They hadn't gone through what he had. The facility meant business, and they had to step up to the challenge. [ I know how it must seem. But we can't sit around waiting for them to pick us off. Look what they did to me - to Ivy. You think they won't do worse to get what they want? They've hurt us before and they'll hurt us again. ] Pushing himself upright, he reached out to each of them, let his desperation leak through clearly, spoke to them as if one entity.

[ Do you trust me? ]