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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImageTheo had never been one for getting lost, at least not easily. This was only his second week here and he already knew a good portion of the campus and it's main buildings. However, at this very moment, he was utterly lost. He backtracked the steps he had taken on his way out of the art classroom and realized he must have taken a different route than the one he was already accustomed to. Normally, when he exited the art building, the dorm building where he and Ari were living now could be seen in the distance. This time, however, nothing of what surrounded him looked even remotely familiar. Did I come out the opposite end of the building? he thought to himself as his large blue orbs dashed around in hopes of finding something, or even someone, that could guide him in the right direction. He'd been so lost in thought that he nearly jumped ten feet in the air when the sudden voice came from beside him.

"Hey, man!"Theo blinked, his lips poised into a small 'o' shape, scrambling to find a response to the familiar face in front of him. Not that he was given the chance to. The boy continued to speak, going from introducing himself as Archie, to mentioning a friend by the name Rowan, to asking if Theo needed help, then proceeding to saying Theo could help himself, in the end only to ask how he could be of help. There was a beat of silence as Theo's rounded eyes stared at the guy, his head spinning slightly as he attempted to piece together all the amount of information he had just been given to figure out what to respond to first. Once he realized Archie had said so much in such a small amount of time, the small artist couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. Partially because it reminded him so much of Aria, and partially because he found it very endearing. Perhaps even cute, not that he was going to acknowledge that.

"Nice to meet you, Archie." he finally spoke, after taking a quick breath. "I'm Theo." he added, opting to leave out his full name. The only times anyone called him Theodore were in class by his new teachers, or back at Lady Augustine's anytime he did something "wrong". He shifted the sketchpad in his hands and let a shy smile shape his lips as he realized he now had to explain why he was standing in the middle of a courtyard looking like a deer in the headlights. "I uhh...I'm a little lost." he paused, thinking his next words through so as to not sound like a complete fool. "What's the fastest way to get to dorm building F?"

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImageRowan ended up speaking to his sister longer than intended. Once he hung up, he realized he only had about an hour before the studio he was in needed to be used. The dancer sighed, tossing his phone into his duffel bag and pulling out his clean pair of sweatpants and black t-shirt, as well as dance flats. It wasn't unusual to find these things inside Rowan's bag. He made sure to be prepared at all times, in case he was graced with some extra time to practice. That way he never had to waste time going back to the dorms only to grab a change of clothes. He once attempted to dance in the jeans and sneakers he'd been wearing, but it made movements much more difficult than they should have been.

Once changed, he dropped his old clothes into the bag and pulled out his phone yet again. This time he walked over to the sound system. After syncing his cell phone to the device via bluetooth, he searched for the song he had been working on choreography for that same morning. Students in advanced dance classes were always required to prepare a piece to showcase for the rest of the class by the 3rd week of the school year. Almost like an entrance exam of sorts. The evaluation included not only how well the student could dance, but also their choice of music and how their original choreography fit the piece. There was only one week left, and though Rowan was nearly finished with his piece, he wanted to make sure he had every move down to the very tiniest detail.

Once the melody came through the speakers, he stepped away from them and towards the center of the dance floor. His limbs slowly began to move, repeating the same moves time and time again. Sometimes changing a step here and there to better fit the rhythm. Perhaps Rowan never came off as the most friendly person, nor was he one to outwardly express his feelings. Not even to those closest to him. But once he began to dance, it's as if he transformed into another person. Something only a select few had ever been able to witness.