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xxxxxxxLocation: Practice Room

As Aria pulled the bow from the strings of her violin, and the room silenced around her, she was brought back to reality. She tended to get lost in the music when she was playing on her own. Sometimes, songs would get...remixed. She's change them up a bit to fit the rhythm in her head. Now that she was pulled from the music, she found she couldn't quite focus anymore. However, she still had the room for another ten minutes so she started messing around a little. She played remixes to songs she had heard on the radio, intros to songs, and well known themes for movies.

She even added a little Green Day and Evanescence.

There was a buzz that sounded through the room that told her the time was up. She could technically stay longer, but only if another student didn't need the room, but Ari had felt she had practiced enough, and it was time to meet up with Theo for lunch. She packed her violin into the case, looked around the room once to be sure she wasn't missing anything, and then she left. She hummed a little under her breath as she walked and once she made it outside, she unintentionally walked a little slower. It was such a nice day outside. If she was back at Lady Augustine's she would probably be climbing a tree pretending to evade pirates while she read a book from the home's "library". Eighteen years old and she still acted like a child. And wouldn't have it any other way. Honestly, she felt bad for those who never had a childhood. Those who were practically adults their whole lives. What fun was being a child if you didn't fight aliens, or discover buried treasure, or even performed onstage.

Okay, that last one Aria never did. Believe it or not, Ari was terrified of performing in front of large groups of people. The home was different from a stage. She knew everyone watching and they all loved her music. They all loved her. An audience... could judge. They could boo her. They could throw stuff at her like they did back in the time of Shakespeare. The thought made her stomach clench with nerves. So instead, she focused on her memories. She would have to reminisce with Theo about them later.

As she was passing the dance studio, movement in one of the outfacing rooms caught her eye. While a lot of the school buildings had big windows allowing plenty of sunlight, the practice rooms did not. Not even the dance studios. It was thought it was to prevent from people stealing techniques from others. Even the theater practice rooms were like that. Aria looked around to see if anyone was watching. When she realized she was alone, she made her way to the door, the only part of the room with a window, and peeked inside. What she saw made her catch her breath.

It was the boy--well man, really--from her math class and from the cafeteria before. Her face heated slightly as she watched him move about the room. His hair hung in his face and his body dripped with sweat, but he never made it look... difficult. In fact, he made it look easy. Like anyone could do it. There was so much grace and lightness in his movements. Aria couldn't believe she was watching the same person. The guy was... scary with his stern looks and his body covered in tattoos, He wasn't scary at all. In fact... he was almost beautiful.

It was only when their eyes met that she realized she had been staring the entire time and now, was caught in the act.

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XXXXXXLocation: Courtyard

Archer's heart thudded in his chest as he watched the boy's still confused face as he processed his words. It was blatantly obvious that he had overwhelmed the boy. Guilt rose up in him, but he pushed it down at the sound of the boy's chuckle. If Archie had been thinking, he might've snapped a photo. Laughter--true laughter-- was one of the purest forms of a person's being. Laughter isn't always something you can control and when it's true, unbridled laughter, you can see the joy in the person. It made the boy's eyes light up just a little bit. "Nice to meet you, Archie" he said and then introduced himself as Theo.

"Theo, huh?" He looked up boy up and down quickly, once. Then he smiled. "Fitting. You look like a Theo." He realized how stupid he sounded and held up his camera, clearing his throat. "Well... I mean I'm a photographer. I specialize in reading people. It helps to take excellent photos. If you think a person looks uncomfortable, they probably are and it'll read on camera. So it's a good thing that you being named Theo when you look like a Theo is good." Archie cringed inwardly. Open mouth, Archie. Insert foot. Shut. Up. He thought.

Then he realized that Theo was looking for building F. "Oh! Building F! Dorm building F!" He babbled a little and bit his cheek a little to get himself to stop. There was just something about this boy that flustered Archie. It made him want to impress him even when he didn't really know him. Didn't exactly know how to do just that. It really ended up with him looking like an idiot. "You're on the wrong side of the school. That's probably why you feel lost. Building F is on the other side..." He looked towards the building's tip, the only visible thing from this angle, and his eyes went down, locating the sidewalk that would lead right to it. "I could um... show you a short cut if you'd like?"

In case the boy was going to protest he raised his hands in mock surrender and said, "And look... I know I'm weird. I'm sorry. I just get so flustered with new people I don't know how to shut up. Like now, but I promise... I'm weird, but I don't bite. Much. No wait ignore that! I don't bite! Ever! and Definitely not when I'm dating someone! Which I'm not, but that's so not the point! Look a sidewalk shortcut between buildings! Have a nice day!" Archie pointed to the sidewalk and then started to walk in the opposite direction. Then he turned ninety degrees and hid behind a tree waiting for the feeling of absolute mortification to pass.

Part of him hoped the boy would go and just forget he ever saw Archie here. But another part of him would hope the boy would come over and tell him he wasn't as much of a freak as he always felt he way. Ro always put up with his weirdness. To be honest, it probably entertains him a great deal. But this boy? He didn't even known Archie. Maybe he freaked him out. Just in case, he peaked around the tree to see where the boy was.