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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOutfit: X
xxxxxxxLocation: Practice Room

Aria stood still for probably longer than necessary. Not only had she been caught watching him, but she had been caught by him. Her face was red as he moved towards her and opened the door. He was talking to her, but she was so embarrassed it took her a while to realize what he had said. He didn't seem angry with her for watching as she suspected. Instead, he was apologetic. He thought that she was there to use the dance studio. She glanced down at her violin while his back was turned and raised an eyebrow.

What about her said she needed to use the dance studio?

She realized he had left the door open for her as he reentered the room to turn off the music and pack his things. That was something that didn't need to happen unless he actually needed to leave. She rushed forward, her mouth open to speak but no words came out. She just ended up watching him longer and mentally berated herself for it. Stop staring like a crazy person and just talk to him! She thought to herself. He's just a guy! What's the worse that could happen?" Of course, that sent her mind spinning down dark paths so she shook her head and finally managed to force the words from her throat.

"Oh! No! I'm not here for the room! I'm not a dance...student." Her words trailed off as his attention returned to her for a moment. She blushed again and looked down at her violin case. "I'm a classical music student. Um.. that is... I play the violin." Her words started to trail off again and she pushed forward. "I was just curious when I saw you dancing." She said a little louder now. "You... dance so beautifully I couldn't stop watching." She winced outwardly at her words and how ridiculous they sounded to her own ears. She couldn't imagine what they sounded like to him. "So. I'm sorry! I'll go! You can continue with the room if you need to..." She said as she turned to leave.

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XXXXXXLocation: Courtyard

Archer's heart beat forcefully from behind his ribs as the boy walked towards him. He was actually surprised to see him coming towards him. He was used to scaring most people off. Either that or they call him a freak and walk off on their own, but Theo? He was walking back towards him, a smile on his face. And not a mocking one at that.

After his comment on not biting either, Archer's face flushed a deep red as he recalled his own statement. He forced down the rising comment that if they boy did bite he wouldn't mind and stood. "Sorry about... all that." He said, using his hand to motion back to where they had been standing only minutes before hand. "I get... flustered around new people." He hung the camera around his neck and started to walk towards the short cut. "But yeah. It's this way."

Once he made it to the side walk, he stopped and waited for Theo for however long it took and then continued, walking beside him. "So... you're in my art history class right? What are you in for?" He asked jokingly as if the school were a prison and not a godsend to most people. "Obviously you know what I'm here for." He said as he lifted his camera up a little. "Other than this mishap. How are you liking it here so far?" He was attempting to make idle chit chat, but it took a lot of self control to keep from asking him more personal things outright. It was strange for him to feel so... pressured to have someone like him. The need to impress and make sure the boy wasn't frightened by him or anything. It also took a lot to keep him from asking if the boy was single because that was so not the conversation he needed to have with a near stranger. Even if he was cute.