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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImageArchie immediately apologized, though Theo didn't see why he would need to. He thought he'd made it more than obvious that he found the whole thing...cute. Or perhaps not? Ari had always told him he was very good at hiding his emotions, and maybe Archie apologizing meant that he thought Theo found him ridiculous. Which he didn't. Not at all. The thought brought a slight blush to his cheeks, so he kept his head down as followed in the direction Archie had gone, hoping to make it back to the dorm as soon as possible. He'd spent to much time first getting to the art room, and then getting lost, and now speaking with Archie, that his plan to sleep and then met Aria for lunch would have to be revised. He barely had enough time to make it back to their dorm to drop off his things and then immediately head down to the cafeteria.

"So... you're in my art history class right? What are you in for?" Archie's words brought Theo's attention back to him. As the guy spoke, Theo couldn't help but notice his features. He had slightly sharper face lines than Theo himself making him look at little older. Or perhaps he was older. Theo was only 17, and of course it didn't help that he had the features of a 13 year old boy, at least that's how he viewed it. Archie was also taller. Not by much, but tall enough that Theo had to lift his chin slightly to look at him. As an artist that often sketched everything around him, it had become a habit to examine people. Sometimes he stared at them without ever realizing he'd been doing so. And Archie was no exception. He barely registered the guy's movement of his camera, but immediately connected it to the question he had asked as he looked down at the sketchpad in his hands.

"I do traditional art." he said, lifting his pad and holding it against his chest. "Not as interesting as photography's what I'm good at." he added. Art was the only thing Theo allowed himself to feel confident about. He may not have liked his own looks, nor his voice, his dancing was awful and he struggled immensely to learn how to play instruments. But Art was his and it was something he could actually be proud of. "They've got everything almost doesn't feel real." he said as an afterthought, only to gently bite his lower lip. It probably sounded lame, or even cheesy, but Theo had yet to come to terms with the fact that he was here, with everything he needed to live his dream right at the tip of his fingers.He could feel his insides starting to panic, so he decided to speak again before Archie could say anything else. "H-ho long have you been here?" He inwardly cursed at himself for stuttering, but this was the norm. He may have been at a new place with new, clothes, new belongings and new people, but he was still the same shy little pup raised back at Lady Augustine's. He didn't see that changing anytime soon.

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImageRowan's focus was on gathering his belongings, only glancing at his phone once to see if there were any missed calls or messages. He didn't hear the girl follow him in, nor did he even realize he had left the door open. "Oh! No! I'm not here for the room! I'm not a dance...student." her voice immediately caught his attention, most because it echoed throughout the now quiet dance studio. After placing the last of his things in a bag, he turned to face her yet again.

Only now did he realize she was so small, fragile looking even. Of course anyone could be compared to him, but there was almost an entire foot in terms of height difference. She was fair skinned, where his had been naturally sun-kissed. She had large, curious eyes, where his were sharp and intimidating. They couldn't have been more opposites, and yet...she talked to him with such ease. She complimented his dancing, something that he'd heard very often, but one word in particular caught his attention. Beautiful? Not exactly a word often used to describe Rowan even when he danced.

"It's fine, I'm already done here anyway" he said before she could begin to walk away. "Thanks by the way..." he added and waited a few seconds for her to turn around. "For the compliment, I mean." though his features remained cold and aloof, he meant every word. Rowan's features often don't, or rather never, reveal what he's actually feeling. This often leads people to believe he's cold and uninterested, and though it would only take a few more minutes of speaking to him to realize that's not the case, not everyone sticks around long enough. He pushed his bangs out of his eyes with one hand and eyed the violin in the girl's hands before looking back up at her. "It's really nice." he gestured towards to instrument to let her know he was no longer talking about her compliments, though those were nice as well.