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xxxxxxxLocation: Practice Room

As Aria walked away, heading towards the door, she heard him say that he was finished with the room anyway and her heart sank just a little. She couldn't help but feel like it was her fault. However, as he continued to pack up his things, it seemed there was no going back. She stopped and turned towards him as he thanked her for the compliment. She smiled shyly at him and muttered, "No problem. It's the truth." She swung her case around awkwardly, nearly hitting herself in the knee--front and back at different times.

Now that she was facing him and he had been kind to her, she found it difficult to leave. Then he gave her a compliment in return. A compliment for her violin. Her face brightened a bit as she lifted the case and hugged it close to her chest. "Oh, thank you!" She rubbed her hand against the fiberglass case. "It's... playing is all I've ever wanted to do. That and be a teacher, but you didn't ask me that." She snorted a little between sentences as a chuckle bubbled up from her chest at the awkwardness that was herself.

Then she had an idea. A crazy stupid idea that he would probably laugh at but she'd hate herself if she never gave it a shot... "Hey, um... if you're up for it... I could play for you." She had a lot of dance music in her repertoire. She wondered... would he dance while she played? She sometimes danced as she played. She wasn't that bad at it either, but it was nothing fancy. It's hard to move that much when you have a violin and a bow in your hands. "Well I mean... if you have the time. Since you're here... and you like it."

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XXXXXXLocation: Courtyard

Archer smiled as he found easy conversation with the boy. "Traditional art, huh?" He replied, shaking his head. "Man I wish I could draw." He thought back to all the times he had attempted it. He had even tried following drawing books and videos, but to no avail. They all looked like a drunk person drew them. He would've thought an elementary school kid had done them, but they honestly probably drew better. "Everything I draw looks like scribbles. Even the things composed of straight lines!" Then he thought a moment, remembering freshman year of high school when he was placed in geometry and learned to play with graph paper. "Honestly, the only thing I think I can do are like... 8 bit drawings on graph paper. And even then it's hard to tell what it is." He laughed a little at himself.

"But seriously, man. That's awesome. Maybe... I could pose for you sometime. Although, now that I think about it, it might not be a good idea. I'm terrible at sitting still. Hey, if you're in need of practice though, maybe I could take a self portrait and you could draw that. Or I could take one of you and you could draw a self portrait. I'm sure a portfolio could use one. But I'm only a photographer... I don't know what traditional artists need." He coughed a little. "Anyway, you're right. There is a lot here. I think the staff and the directors wanted to be sure everything was covered and we were given all the tools we needed. They didn't even have a photography class back in the day since it was a new and not widely used concept. They still have a dark room for people who do traditional photography." He thought it was awesome that the school had a dark room in which he could develop his photos. Unfortunately, his photos were pretty much completely digital these days. Digital or instant. He liked the idea of capturing a moment and admiring it right away. He saved that camera for special projects and occasions though.

He chuckled a little at the boy's stammering. Not in a mocking way. It was more of a don't-worry-about-it-it-happens-just-look-at-me" kind of chuckle. At least... that's what he wanted to convey. "I've been here a few months. I came before classes even started because I wanted to take part in their summer workshops. Plus, some of the best dorms open up over the summer so I wanted to grab a good one." At this point they had made it around the sidewalk and came out just in front of building F. "Here we are! The humble abode. I'm actually over in building D. Floor 3 room 3-313 with Rowan. So if you ever need anything, you know where to find me."

He shuffled his feet a little. "Hey so... want me to walk you... home?" He thought a moment. "Or that's... probably too weird. What about lunch? We could meet for lunch if you want. Then you'd be able to meet my roommate. He looks scary but honestly, he's a big puppy dog. Well.. okay maybe not that sweet but you get the idea."