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Snippet #2754614

located in Γ‰cole Des RΓͺves, a part of School of Dreams, one of the many universes on RPG.

Γ‰cole Des RΓͺves



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Character Portrait: Aria Bennedetti Character Portrait: Archer Andrews Character Portrait: Theodore Novell Character Portrait: Rowan S. Dubois
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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImageTheo kept his pace right beside Archie, his eyes always looking straight ahead. Something about looking strangers in the eye made him feel so...small and his nerves began to fluctuate. More so when it was someone like Archie who not only knew his way around this place confidently, but also appeared to be quite the social butterfly if his constant talking was any indication, and more than anything else...very good looking. Certainly much more than what Theo could say about himself. He felt like a five year old compared to this guy. Come to think of it, from the moment he and Aria set foot in this place, Theo felt as if he had been born again, and not it the best way. He was seeing, hearing, tasting, learning to do certain things for the very first time, as if he were a baby again.

"Anyway, you're right. There is a lot here. I think the staff and the directors wanted to be sure everything was covered and we were given all the tools we needed. They didn't even have a photography class back in the day since it was a new and not widely used concept. They still have a dark room for people who do traditional photography." Theo listened attentively. It wasn't very often he got to hear about another person's interests, only when Aria talked about her music and her violin. Of course Theo never minded listening to her, but hearing something new was almost exciting. He hadn't missed Archie's invitation to pose for him, but at a loss for what to say, he simply responded with a quiet smile and allowed him to keep talking. This time however, the words came out on their own as Archie finished his sentence. "I'd love to try photography sometime..." he said it more as an afterthought, or a mental note to himself, and he wasn't certain if Archie even heard him or not before announcing they had made it tot he dorms.

And then Archie offered to walk him...home? Theo assumed he meant to his dorm room. That was his home now, which despite it being a dorm room at a school, felt more like an actual home than any other place he'd ever been at. The artist remained silent for a short beat, mostly due to the fact that he wasn't sure how to respond. Part of him wanted to accept, but what would he do after that. He was already having problems functioning as it was. Thankfully, Archie spoke before he could potentially dig his own grave. The word 'lunch' made the boy's eyes widen slightly. It was probably almost time for lunch! He didn't even have any way of telling time on him, but he had promised to meet Aria a few minutes prior to lunch time and he wasn't one to break promises. Even if that implied rejecting Archie's offer. "I uh-" he thought for a moment, mentally reviewing what Archie had just told him and almost instantly putting the pieces together. Could this friend, Rowan? Possibly be the guy Aria had been trying to hide from that same morning? "Sure!" he responded after a bit more thought. " it alright if my sister joins? I told her this morning I would meet her for lunch so..." Theo bit his lower lip, hoping Archie would give him the okay. If not, he would have to take a rain check.

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImageRowan hadn't expected the small girl's eyes to light up the way they did when she received the compliment. He traced her hand over the case, and smiled as if he had just complimented her on her hair, clothes, eyes, whatever else the girls he tended to date always loved to be complimented about. It was odd yet...refreshing? Maybe that wasn't the word for it, but it's the only way Rowan knew how to describe it for the moment. "It's... playing is all I've ever wanted to do. That and be a teacher, but you didn't ask me that." The dancer raised a brow at the way she giggled to herself, but couldn't help but agree. Rowan had loved music ever since he could remember, and though it wasn't technically the same as playing an instrument, dancing was all he ever wanted to do. It's he ever did do and never grew tired or bored with it.

Ready to bid her goodbye, and not expecting the conversation to go anywhere else, the dancer flung the bag over his shoulder and looked back at her just in time to hear her offer. She wanted to play for him? What for? It didn't make much sense to want to play for a stranger, a person she had just met not even five minutes ago. Then again, he reasoned that if it were him, he'd take any and all opportunity he could get to dance for others. Even strangers. Most of the time, they gave the best feedback. After a moment's pause, he gently set his bag on the bench where it had been and turned to her with a small shrug. "I don't mind." he took a couple of steps back, sitting against the armrest of the bench to take a more comfortable stance. "I'm in no hurry." he let a half smile form on his face in attempts of appearing less...intimidating. Rowan had never been good at showing emotions with his face, but he'd been working on it. Being around Archie help quite a bit, but his resting bitch face always found its way back.