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xxxxxxxLocation: Practice Room

Aria smiled a little shyly at his surprised response, ducking her head slightly. As he settled down on the arm of the nearby bench, she crouched down, placing her violin case on the floor and gently removing her violin. The way she did it was smooth and slow as if the violin was incredibly fragile. As if it was made from glass and not an incredibly stable wood. She took a deep breath and stood, attempting to clear her mind enough to focus on the task at hand. She honestly couldn't remember why she had offered to play for him in the first place. It wasn't that she had a problem with playing in front of strangers. On the contrary, she enjoyed it as long as it wasn't in front of a large group of strangers.

Maybe it was the fact she had complimented his art form moments before; judging his performance without thought nor permission to do so. Now it was his turn to judge hers. Although he had her complete permission to do so. Still... it made her nervous. She brought the bow to the strings, about ready to play the first note when a soft giggle burst from her chest at the serious expression she saw forming on her features. "Sorry, Sorry," She said, removing the bow from the strings and shaking out the tension from her shoulders. "Okay. This time for real."

She once more brought the bow to the strings. This time she closed her eyes and willed her features into their natural state. A soft smile. After a deep breath, her arm moved, sliding the bow against the string and playing the first note of the song. While she played, she wasn't paying much attention to what was around her. She had completely blocked out reality and just focused on the song, on playing. And then she was whirling around in a little figure 8, her feet sliding along the surface of the studio's wooden flooring. It wasn't... dancing. Not really, but it was movement she paired with the song. In fact, had she not been playing, she probably would've been dancing in her own way.

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XXXXXXLocation: Courtyard

Archie beamed when the boy had mentioned trying photography. "Really?" He exclaimed, a tad more excited than what the situation called for, "Oh man! I could give you lessons. Really simple things like angles and framing. Oh! I could show you how to use photo shop you could probably do some neat digital artwork with it one you learn the tools. It's free for me because I'm a photography student and the school pays for it. I wonder if we could talk them into letting you get a subscription as well. Otherwise, it's a little pricey." He realized he was babbling again and smiled shyly. "Sorry." He said and ruffled his hair a bit.

When Theo had requested his sister join them, Archie agreed. "She's that girl you were sitting with this morning right? Not that I was stalking you or staring at you or anything, I just noticed you were there and I wanted to talk to you. But we were eating breakfast and it was first thing in the morning and I'm not much of a morning person although Rowan likes to deny that fact and here I go again on a tangent so I'm just going to answer. Yes. She can come. I'll let Rowan know to expect a plus 1." As his statements started to come to a close and he realized he was babbling again, he forced himself to slow down.

Archie thought a moment and pulled out the notebook he keeps in his pocket to jot down ideas in, and scribbled his number onto its surface with a pencil he also kept in his pocket. The pencil was better than a pen because pens had a tendency to break, leak, and stain. Pencils just... stabbed. And when they're mechanical, it's much easier to avoid all of that mess all together. "Here's my number," He said as he handed the piece of paper to Theo. "That way we can find each other at lunch. I'll see you then."

And with that, Archie turned and wandered off, waving back towards Theo. He walked until he was out of sight and dropped down, his back sliding down the building behind him. Very smooth, Andrews He sighed, running a hand through his hair before he pulled out his cell phone to text his roommate.

To: Ro

Dude! That guy from breakfast is going to join us for lunch. Hope that's okay.
His sister, the girl from earlier? She's coming too.

P.S: His name is Theo. He looks like a Theo!