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C O L L I N - F O R R E S T E R
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Chanel was an interesting girl. In a lot of ways, she was actually quite similar to Holly with how she behaved. She didn't cross boundaries, and she didn't act like a five year old... there were obviously many things that set them apart, but her vivacious personality was similar to the younger girl's. Additionally, as seen here, her capability of taking one subject and spinning it into something random mirrored the younger girl's. In Chanel's case, the tangent at least connected with the topic at hand to an extent, so it wasn't totally Holly-like, but she was still quirky. "Well, unlike your Uncle Al, I actually just got back from Connecticut. Had to sit in on some meeting with new international clients from Singapore. I'd tell you what it was about, but I doubt a graphic design major like yourself would really understand." Collin was only teasing Chanel too, and the silly smile on his face coupled with his tone, spoke to that. He truly wasn't the kind of person that felt like people whose strengths fell outside of math and science were dumber than those who were good at STEM subjects. In fact, he would be the first to admit that he couldn't draw a stick figure if his life depended on it, and that he didn't have a creative bone in his body. Surprisingly though, he always had a strong appreciation for the fine arts. One of his favorite pastimes to this day was watching Broadway shows and other musical or acting-based productions, and he had visited every art museum in all of the boroughs.

"Cara's not here though," he explained, masking the disappointment in his voice that came with realizing that Chanel wasn't here to see him (even if he knew that it was unrealistic to believe that to begin with). He pressed the home button on his phone to check the time before looking back at Chanel. "I'm guessing that she's on her way home from school. What does she need a 'cheer up' for?" He didn't know if he was going to regret asking that. The last thing that he wanted to hear about was any "girl" problems that his sister might have been having. He didn't need to know who she was sleeping with or trying to sleep with, who had broken her barely-existent heart, or what girl she was sending vicious text messages to for some petty social crime. "She's been complaining to me about having to go to our stepmom's birthday dinner at Nobu. If you want an opportunity to remind yourself of how normal your family is comparatively, feel free to tag along and watch Cara's purest bitchy side come out and my dad cut her down." He raised his eyebrows and smirked as he added, "Sometimes it gets tense, but it's always an entertaining show, for sure."