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C A R A - F O R R E S T E R

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To: Chanel
I'm omw home! Where are you going?

She didn't acknowledge Chanel's question regarding her state of wellness, not because she didn't see it or because she was perpetrating inattention, but because it wasn't something she could explain over text. Even just trying to think of a response to acknowledge that quickly over her phone made her feel like she was being dramatic. Maybe she was, but she was still entitled to her feelings. She was allowed to feel overwhelmed with school when she wasn't used to taking this many credits. She was allowed to be annoyed with someone she barely knew who was talking her ear off after six straight hours of class. She was allowed to feel spiteful towards Collin after he pointed out the obvious, regarding how it would be difficult for her to get out of her stepmother's birthday dinner. It was the last of those things that was bothering her the most, but dealing with it on top of everything else only made it worse. Some would say that Cara was dramatic merely for making a big deal about being forced to attend a birthday dinner. It was unlikely that it was just going to be Alice, her father, her and Collin. There would probably be a couple friends there as well, maybe ten or fifteen people in total, so it wasn't like she was going to be forced to interact with the woman directly. It wasn't about that though. This was about the principle of it all, and that principle was that she did not like this woman, and because of that, there was no reason that she should be expected to occupy the same space as her. The number of times that she had been reprimanded for being "disrespectful" to this woman felt infinite. Her father was a smart man by many people's definition, so why he could not comprehend that they would never be able to co-exist was beyond her. There were so many reasons for why Cara disliked this woman, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that someone would find it difficult to accept a woman who was only four years old older than her as a stepmother. Four years! The thought of that could send Cara's blood pressure skyrocketing almost immediately.

To: Collin
Idk why the fuck anyone would want someone who hates them at their birthday party... Is she that friendless and desperate that she needs one extra body there to make it look like she has a life? When I kill myself I'm going to frame her to make it look like a murder and I swear to god if you don't tell the private investigator that she threatened to kill me numerous times, I will haunt you forever.

Okay, so maybe Cara was dramatic. A tiny bit... .00001% of the time, if you asked her. She didn't think so though, and given her stubborn tendencies, it was unlikely that anyone else's opinions on the matter would ever change her mind. Her whole life was a drama, narrated by herself, and somehow she was always the victim, but it was a spot she was comfortable in at this point (probably because in reality, she was typically anything but the victim).