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Ethan was unsure of what was going to happen next, now that the therapist new his go to relaxation song. Would Kai play the music from his phone? Would he question him about why he chose that song? Would the therapist attempt to make him sing it?! Ethan doesn't sing around other people. His parents always told him how wonderful his singing voice was when he was little, but as he grew older he stopped singing in front of others. He has reduced himself to singing in the shower and humming while cooking for himself. He had never attempted to sing for himself while he was experiencing high levels of anxiety. He prefers just to listen and focus on his heart beat when he feels as though he is reaching panic levels of anxiety. "Good choice." A few notes from the guitar echoed throughout the studio. Clearly the therapist intends to play the song. After another moment of silence the melody moved from the guitar to Ethan's ears. It was just as soft and relaxing as the original song was.

"Does that sound about right?" Ethan's eyes left the guitar to look towards Kairo. He nodded. "Sounds good." The song started back up again and Ethan moved his gaze back to the guitar. The singing had caught him off guard, since he was only used to hearing Ed Sheeran's voice. It was Kairo singing so well that had really caught him off guard and not really the singing itself. Ethan couldn't help but just watch the therapist sing. His voice was very similar to the artist and yet was special all on its own. Clark hadn't even realized how relaxed he had become. Kai looked to him and Ethan looked back at the guitar, a small blush on his face. He had been staring and that was rude. To prevent himself from staring, he closed his eyes and settled a bit more onto the couch. Ethan's focus was on the music. Not on his thoughts. Not on his problems. And not on the handsome music therapist that was now singing to him.