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"It's tomorrow," Collin answered. He understood Chanel's reasoning for not wanting to immediately accept his invitation. It was smart for both of them, really. She was right that if Cara found out that he was going around inviting someone who was supposed to be her friend to a family event, she would probably be annoyed at best. Speaking to his own paranoia, Collin also figured that it could be suspicious. The last thing that he needed was his sister suspecting that he had a crush on Chanel. It was bad enough when she found out that he had slept with Brooklyn a few times, but oddly, he thought that having a crush on her good friend would be different than having a crush on her enemy. At the very least, he was sure she would see it as an equal level of betrayal as feeling that way towards Brooklyn. "But yeah, that makes sense," he agreed. "It's mostly sushi and that kind of stuff, so I don't know if that makes it an automatic no for you, but at the very least, there's always tons of alcohol at any Forrester family event, so that'll work in our favor," he offered with a chuckle. The claim wasn't completely true, because most Forrester family events were supposed to be proper enough that it wasn't supposed to be centered around drinking, but even if it was supposed to be a background element, there was always a plethora of alcohol. When they went out to eat at establishments, money wasn't an object to their father, so it wasn't unusual for him to purchase bottles of wine, even if they only ended up drinking half of it as a table before opting for a different one. He was sure that a birthday party for his stepmother was sure to be a lively one, especially since she was only turning twenty-eight. Like Cara, Collin found the stark age difference between his father and stepmother to be peculiar. It was uncomfortable at first, but unlike his sister, Collin took the time to realize that Alice wasn't trying to step in and be their new mother. She was a nice girl who was supportive and sweet, but not overbearing. Her youth showed not only physically (because even Collin thought she was hot), but in her personality too, because she definitely had played a role in the divide between herself and Cara. Collin couldn't blame her, really, but she had definitely been petty and stirred the pot her fair share too, even if it was just as a reaction to Cara's hostility. The bottom line was that Collin didn't have a problem with her though, and he knew that his father appreciated him being kind to the woman.

He glanced at the message that Cara sent him and couldn't help but to roll his eyes. "This is what I have to deal with on a regular basis," he said, shaking his head, though mildly amused at his sister's drama. "She just texted me saying, 'I don't know why the fuck anyone would want someone who hates them at their birthday party... Is she that friendless and desperate that she needs one extra body there to make it look like she has a life? When I kill myself I'm going to frame her to make it look like a murder and I swear to god if you don't tell the private investigator that she threatened to kill me numerous times, I will haunt you forever.'" He looked back at Chanel as if he was expecting some explanation from her for why the proclaimed "precious sunflower" was acting like this, but only jokingly so, since this was nothing new to him. "Which means that you better be drinking wine if you plan on hanging out with her tonight."