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Snippet #2755835

located in Mountain Brook, a part of More Sinned Against, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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More than once Riley had to set down her guitar due to the shaking of her hands. Even now, she had them clutched to her chest as she took deep breaths in a desperate attempt to calm them enough to keep playing. This cycle had gone on for about an hour and a half so far, but what helped Riley the most was music. So, for music to help her, she had to be calm enough to play. Unfortunately, the song she was working on was a very personal and emotional one. Every time she wrote a line, tears threatened to fall and her hands started shaking.

This was the third attempt at calming her anxiety over the past week. Some days it was so bad she couldn't eat. She found herself thinking more and more about Elena this past week. Especially with her anxiety rearing its ugly head. She wanted to talk to Elena, work it out as they had done that first day they had met. Riley smiled at the memory of Elena laughing at something Riley had said as she held out a jar of candy that she had kept on her desk. The desk that they had... blush crawled up Riley's neck at the thought, but then a darker thought clouded the image. The funeral announcement for Elena. Riley couldn't get herself to go. Couldn't make herself say goodbye. Everytime she closed her eyes all she could see was blood. She had to keep any music playing at all times because the silence brought about a ringing in her ears.

She shaking returned, her stomach protesting now as stress ate at her nerves. Stress and lack of sleep. She was about to head for the bathroom to splash her face when her phone went off. Riley paused at the foot of her bed and reached towards where her phone was buried under her pillow. Her fingers fumbled with her passcode a few times before it unlocked and she was able to read her messages. There were a few from her parents while they were away in Hawaii for their 25th anniversary. Her mom had sent her a photo of the sunset there that made Riley's heart feel a little calmer. She wished more than anything she was with them and away from the chaos that was this city, but... she was here. And so was...

The next unread message was from Lyn.

Riley smiled softly, settling back in her bed. She typed out the one word that she would forever use when it came to requests from her best friend.

To: Lyn~

Then she realized that Lyn might want to meet somewhere. The idea of venturing out made her fingers twitch. So she typed out another message and hit send. She resisted the urge to end with "please" as she sent:

To: Lyn~
My place?

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Dan woke with a start, his father's voice booming through the house as he complained about the police investigations. Thankfully, his brother was away for the week so at least he didn't have to deal with Shaun first thing in the morning. Dan quietly rose from his bed, noting it was likely the middle of the day and got dressed. He could hear his mom in the kitchen. Whether she was making lunch for his father or simply cleaning, he didn't know. He didn't... really care either. As he pulled on his shoes, grabbed his wallet and house keys, he slipped out the front door without a sound. He pulled his bike from the back shed and pedaled his way to the theatre.

Sleep still clung to his shoulders like a backpack full of rocks, but he promised himself a nap in one of the projector rooms on his off time. He spent so much time there the past few years that all the managers knew him and trusted him to do whatever was needed. Even if it meant working off the clock. In exchange, he was allowed free concessions as long as he didn't go nuts with them, and was allowed naps anywhere he wished. His favorite place was the projector room. It was warm and the quiet hum of the machine lulled him to sleep as much as whatever movie was playing in the theatre. It was a relatively hot day and he was already regretting his signature leather jacket. However, the hat shaded his face enough to make him a little more comfortable.

As he rode by the cafe, a familiar face stopped him dead. To the point, he almost flipped over his handle bars. There was Alex, sitting there, drinking a coffee, his attention down on the screen of his phone. He hadn't seen him since the night of the party and even then, he hadn't seen him in a few days. His shifts were becoming shorter and fewer at the theatre where they both worked. Dan has the sinking feeling it had to do with him but he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the people pleaser in him.

He hopped off his bike and walked over, his head lowered shyly. "Hey, Alex," He said quietly, "How are you doing? I haven't seen you since the party."