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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOutfit: X
xxxxxxxLocation: Practice Room

Aria nearly stopped when the boy rose, startled at the sudden movement, and her bow slid on the strings a little. He motioned for her to continue, though. So she did, but she watched him as she played. At first, he seemed to just stand there. Then he started moving and Aria's heart beat a little faster at the sight. He was dancing to her music. Moved as she was by its sound. A small smile crept onto her face and she closed her eyes, reveling in the music from her violin.

Next thing she knew, she was dancing with him. Not at all on the same level considering she had never spent any time learning any kind of dance. Either way, they were doing it together. They whirled about the studio space, the acoustics in the room allowing the music to fill the space until Aria felt she was wrapped it. Then her fingers stumbled at the end because it was, in fact, the end of the song. There was nothing left to play.

She smiled sheepishly at him as she stopped and turned to put her violin back in its case. From behind her, she heard him compliment her playing. A heat crawled up her neck and stained her cheeks red. "Oh! Well um... thank you." She smiled softly, hugging the case to her chest. Then his phone went off and she felt as though she was taking up his time. She turned to leave, allowing him the privacy of whatever the call or text was, but he said they were apparently having lunch together. "Oh, but I was going to meet Theo--my--my brother for lunch." She thought, misunderstanding his statement. Then she realized what his statement actually meant, and a surprised o formed on her lips. "Ohhhh. Theo must have made a friend." Then she turned to head to the cafeteria. "Well then by all means. Lets go." She paused just outside the doorway, turning to wait for him and said, "By the way, my name is Aria. Not like Arya Stark from that tv show. Aria like... a vocal solo." Her words trailed off at the end, a tad embarassed at her correcting no one.

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XXXXXXLocation: Courtyard

Archer was practically beaming as he made his way to the cafeteria for lunch. It took him a few minutes to actually get there, however, because he was stopping to snap photos here and there of students and the school. The entire campus was beautiful. Although, what captured Archie's attention most was the blue of the sky against the pale gold of the school's buildings and the brown of the trees. Archie was suddenly seeing Theo everywhere. Which was strange for someone he just met.

After taking about thirty photos on his walk from building F to the cafeteria building. In fact, he took about five more in front of the large, tinted windows that composed part of the building from the old greenhouse. He thought the windows would make the area unbearably hot, but it was comfortably warm. He wasn't sure if this was because of the tinting or because of the school's AC but either way, it was one of his favorite places to be. Both in part of the building itself and the fact that there was food here.

He had read Ro's text on his walk here, but now that he was sitting and a little less distracted, he felt a little guilty. "It's not a date.." he said, as he typed the reply. Then he finished the text with a "Sorry, man..." He chewed on his thumbnail a bit before sending another text:

To: Ro
He's really cute though.