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By the time that Cara got home, she was cold, but her mood had simmered down slightly. She was still a little worked up over her brother and father's combined audacity to think that it should be expected of her, in any way, shape, or form, to support her stepmother, but she was still pretty confident that she was going to get her way in the end. She thrived on having the upper hand, or if not that, then at least the last word, and she was certain that that was something she was going to be able to get in this situation. For some reason, the walk up the stairs felt ten times longer than it typically did today. She wasn't carrying groceries or shopping bags, but her body felt tired and heavy, and it was a relief once she finally reached her floor. She was surprised when she got there, to see Chanel standing outside her apartment. It wasn't a major surprise, given that she had just been texting with Chanel, and she figured that the girl had just jumped the gun and came over looking for her, but since they had been engaged in a conversation, she thought that she would have realized she wasn't there and left. She didn't know how long she had been speaking to Collin, or about what, so she supposed that she probably just got there.

"Hey," she said, forcing a smile as she approached them. Collin definitely received a colder glare from her, but it was a subtle one, as she returned to look back at Chanel with a smile. "Sorry, I ended up walking home. Some weirdo from my last class was stalking me and I just could not bare standing there chatting while I waited for an Uber," she explained. "Where are you going?" she continued, stepping inside and looking back at Chanel, signaling that she could come inside too, as she spoke.