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located in Caleria woods, a part of Mystic Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Luca finished teasing with the buttons on his dress shirt. He only unbuttoned two, but it was enough to see the change in Drift’s attention toward him. He talked more, while his body language signaled the tension between them. It was the outcome Luca wanted, but he didn’t know it would be that easy to achieve his goal with Drift.

He took one elf shaped cookie and nibbled the edge, despite the protests from Drift. Luca giggled between bites and savored each one, while a slender finger flicked off remaining crumbs on his shirt. How adorable. It had that homemade flavor and texture, but perhaps he enjoyed it even more because Drift had baked them. Luca smirked at his thoughts and finished the cookie, his tongue licking some of the frosting off.

“It’s not your best, but I’m sure your skills will improve.” He commented, then winked with a deliberate tease. Luca listened to Drift ask why he was even there, when he had servants, guards and personal cooks. It was true, he had all those things, but he enjoyed these private moments with Drift. You couldn’t replace the feeling of freedom with anything else in the world. He had choices here and he could be himself, without worry of upsetting, or offending someone in his social class. There were no rules in Drift’s world. That was what he admired about Drift and his “quaint,” home. He could come and go as he pleased, without worry of consequences.

Luca flipped his blonde tresses behind his right shoulder and thought of an explanation. Drift was the type that noticed these things, which was another trait he admired about him. Unlike his servants, not much got past him. He wasn’t easily fooled, or tricked. Luca hated a willing fool and that was something Drift was not.

“Oh, yes. THOSE people.” He expressed with disdain. His face twisted into something unpleasant and a darkness became a lit in his ice-blue eyes.

The fake smiles, well-wishes and pitying looks from party goers always disgusted him. He was of age to practice magic on his own and perform the rituals, yet they still treated him like that delicate boy, who lost his parents all those years ago.

Luca moved around the room, his pace slow and deliberate. He admired what little artwork Drift had in his home, or curious baubles. His slender hands picked up items to gaze at their simple creations. Even his choice in decor reflected back to the personality of Drift. He held onto the bauble and kept himself distracted with its shimmer. Light refracted from a nearby window and brought the object to life. It was a small globe, more than likely some sort of trinket left over from last years celebration. He shook it and watched the snow fall inside the object. Luca turned the petite golden key on the back of the globe and listened to the music fill the room.

He continued to hold the object and watch the snow fall inside the globe. The scenery in the globe was nothing more than a resemblance of their forest. Yet, he didn’t have objects like these at home.

“Those people don’t know me, Drift. They only know what my magic can do for them. So long as I exist and keep the magic alive, that is all they will see me for….a utility.” He put the snow globe down and let the fake snow settle on the makeshift forest inside. Luca turned and looked toward Drift with a pained expression and felt vulnerable. Since he was attracted to men, there would be no future heir and thus, no magic to continue the celebrations. Unless he found a way to transfer his abilities, he didn’t know how he would keep the legacy alive to continue their ridiculous traditions.

“I would do anything to live the way you do.” He paused, thoughtful with his words. “You have freedom.” Luca held his arms against his body in thought and glanced around the room. He was the cheerful one, but Drift had a way of making him talk in an honest way, but even then it made him uncomfortable. Luca continued to walk around in thought, then he decided to share the one secret nobody else knew, not even his mentor Raul.

“I’m gay, Drift. There will be no more heirs after I am gone to carry on the celebrations, or produce more magic.” Luca said, his body tensed. Fear was in him, but he knew he could trust Drift not to judge him the way the townspeople, or his mentor would. He had a sense that Drift understood him on another level, but he looked toward Drift with an unsure look in his eyes.

Did he just compromise everything by his confession?