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located in Mountain Brook, a part of More Sinned Against, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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Hex: #ae5c5c || Outfit: X

The day started off as any other for Karin. She was up by 6am even though she'd fallen asleep at 3, rolled up a geourgeous blunt, smoked it, made some breakfast for her and Derrick despite cutting her finger, and went off to her only class for the day. The morning seem to go by in a fog as her mind was in a different place. It has been since the party.

After class, Karin made a couple of sales then stuck her headphones in and walked herself over to her favorite record store. She browsed for a little, more lost in her thoughts than actually reading titles. It got so bad that she ended up just staring at a queens album for like 3 minutes, spacing out. What eventually snapped her out of it was the absence of music in one ear when someone passed by and accidentally knocked one of her earbuds out.

On the walk home, Karin couldn't help but keep her eyes glued to the floor. Everytime someone looked at her it felt as if they knew what she knew. Needless to say, she was tense all the way home and felt a little gross.


Steam rose while she stood in front of the bathroom mirror. The warmth felt nice on her bare skin but that nasty blemish of black and blue on the side of her neck was a horrid reminder in her eyes. Her fingers barely brushed over it as if it'll burn her if she did touch that part of skin. She wanted it gone already.

Suddenly there was a lump in her throat that she couldn't swallow. Everything was slowly crashing down on her after telling herself she was fine for a whole week. Memories from the accident had resurfaced after the party. Small hands gripped the sides of the sink, while her eyes pinched tightly closed. She didn't want to cry anymore. She was tired of it but her body refused to give her control over it. All she could do was cry and it frustrated her so much so that she ended up throwing a bottle and sitting under the shower.

It wasn't until she heard what sounded like Derrick call out to her that she then decided to get out. He startled her, enough to get a little jump outta her. Karin quickly composed herself, wrapping the towel around her. She splashed some cold water on her face before exiting to hide the puffiness under her eyes. Not wanting to worry him, Karin quickly went into her room. "Sorry, I was in the shower!" she called out, sparking up the other half of the blunt from this morning. A little pick-me-up and smokey courage to deal with everything right now.

Karin began applying her makeup when her eyes went wide, realizing she had left her clothes in the bathroom. In a hurry, she made another run for it before Derrick went in but almost smacked right into him instead. "Hey, there guy!" Recovery had been a success so Karin played it off and gave him her happiest smile and a peck on the cheek, trying to make it as quick as possible. She disappeared into the bathroom for a moment then disappeared back into her room.

Once dressed she chilled in her room with the window open, blowing smoke out into perfect O's while Derrick showered. A sigh escaped her lips. She wondered how her friends were or what they were getting themselves into. She saw E and Olive the other day, even Alex but for some reason, not Lyn. Was she avoiding her over what happened? Karin probably wouldn't know what to say to herself either. She stared at her name in the contacts, wanting to text her but if Lyn didn't reach out to her after all this, what makes her think she wanted to hang now?

"Hell no," she stated under her breath, pulling up a contact stored under the name of Darling dearest.

To: Darling dearest
Mars! You beautiful person you. What are you up to?

"Hey Rin, wanna watch some buffy?" Derrick poked his head into her room after knocking, making a little face at her. "Sure." She smirked, pushing herself off the bed and tossing out the roach, what was left of her blunt, out the window.


Image Image Image

Hex: #848a92 || Outfit: X

Wiping the small collection of sweat from his eyebrows with the back of his hand, Derrick relished in the warmth of the afternoon sun. His clothes were a bit dirty, mostly his sweats with a mixture of sand, clay, and dirt from the baseball field. He finished teaching his small T-ball class of eight a half hour ago and until now, has been practicing with his boss, Tony. Tony is five years older than Derrick and took over for his father a couple of months ago. They didn't get along at first, having a bit of a disagreement in the way each of them taught but eventually, they peaced it out and learned how to get along.

Ricky also needed something to keep his mind off of the party. It was too much for him every time he came to the realization of what happened. It unnerved him to the core that his hands wouldn't stop shaking when it was his turn to bat. Eventually, he just focused on the ball so much that those feelings were pushed to the back of his mind for the time being.

"Damn, I didn't think you had it in you." Derrick laughed, stretching out his hand to a sitting, sweating and panting Tony. He laughed in between breaths and took Derrick's hand, getting to his feet. "You know me, I can't turn down a good challenge. Plus, you owe me a weeks worth of lunch now."

Derrick gave out a low chuckle and shook his head. "I still can't believe you ran the field seven times in under 3 minutes. You look like you popped a lung."

"Feels like I did." he laughed once more, slicking his sweaty blonde hair back and out of his face. "Speaking of food, you up for a burger?"

Derrick had already begun gathering his things and so was Tony. "Nah, not today. I'm feeling a little beat." he lied. "Alright then, take it easy. I'll see you Tuesdayday, you owe me food!" and with that Tony and Derrick went their separate ways. Truth was, Derrick didn't feel like going out at the moment. He just wanted to go home, see his sister and collect himself because now that he wasn't focusing on anything, everything was playing over in his mind and he found himself clenching and unclenching his fists on the walk home. He even froze at the sound of sirens blaring down the street, only when it passed did he breath again.

Unlocking the front door, Derrick entered his house, took off his shoes at the door and went straight into the kitchen, grabbing a glass half filled with Arizona sweet tea. He rounded the corner out into the living room where he found the t.v on but no Karin. His brows furrowed a little in confusion but it wasn't totally uncommon for Karin to leave the t.v on while she did other things. "Karin, I'm home!" he shouted, hoping to hear a response from wherever she was in the house but it didn't come. Events of that night played in his head again, only for him to begin worrying and getting sweaty palms.

He let out a sigh and shook his head. She's fine, she's probably in the shower. And to pull him out of his thoughts on cue was his sister's voice, coming from upstairs. There was a sort of relief that came over him and his shoulder slumped a little, relaxing. "Sorry, I was in the shower!"

Finishing the juice in his cup, Derrick gave it a quick wash in the sink before jogging up all 27 steps. The first thing to hit him was the familiar sweet and pungent smell of weed mixed with soft perfume. Karin was buzzing about in her towel, in and out of the bathroom and her room with her little makeup bag and half a blunt hanging off her lips. "Hey there guy!" she exclaimed happily, quickly stopping in front of him and pushing up on her tippy-toes to peck him on the cheek and continue her running around. Derrick noticed the pink around her eyes and nose though but didn't say anything. She hasn't been feeling 100 since the party and he's sensed it.

"Going out?"
Derrick pushed the door to his door open, he never has it fully closed. "Not that I know of. I just wanted to dress up nice today." Karin shrugged, passing by his room and into hers. "Oh, and bathrooms yours."

Settling his things down, Derrick began stripping himself of anything that resided in his pockets including his watch and whistle. He picked out some clothes, and off he went into the bathroom to wash off the dirt and sweat. After that 20 minute shower give or take, he found himself lounging on the couch next to Karin. They were watching old re-runs of Buffy the vampire slayer, arguing over which was the better couple. "Really? Giles and Jenny were way cuter than Xander and Anya, no offense," she added, exaggerating an eye roll with a grin pulling at the ends of her lips.

"What? No. I-I just think they're cuter than four-eyes and snapped neck, no disrespect. " Karin faked a gasp and pulled her hand to her chest feigning offense. "You did not!" The both of them laughed it off and settled back into the show when Derrick's phone let out a ping. He pulled it out of his pocket and swiped his finger across the screen to unlock it. There was a text that he had half written out, earlier that day to Willow that he never sent and a new one from Alex. He instinctively tried to hide a small smile creeping across his lips, a friendly face was something he needed right now. That and getting out of the house.

To: Alex
How'd you pull that off? And yeah, coffee? Well... in my case, tea and coffee?

To: Sleeping Beauty
Hey there you! :p doing anything later on today?