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Snippet #2756181

located in Birger's Living Quarters, a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Birger's Living Quarters

Birger's house at the top of the tavern.


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Character Portrait: Haera Keavaris Character Portrait: Istrain Garmold Character Portrait: Birger Asmund
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Haera blinked and looked down at him, "I need to talk to Bir... that's all... but I need to talk to him alone so if you are going to come you will have to stay in the tav." She said and slipped out of his grip and kept on. When she got to the tavern she went up and went into Birger's quarters and closed the door behind her, locking it. Birger looked up and smiled, "Hey... what has gotten you so pissed? Is it Istrain? I can kick his ass." He said and Haera sighed. "No... it is you and the damn twins. You three are getting seriously serious and I just got back from talking to Una and I really think you should end this shit before you get hurt. They are young and stupid." She said.

Birger eyebrow shot up, "What? Why would I do that? It is going well... we haven't had any problems except Yora being... well a hoe." He said and Haera growled a bit. "Yeah... I dare you to flirt like that with anyone but her and Una. Una can't even talk about you. If she liked you that much she would fucking talk about you like she would something fucking medical. Why are you even dating these damn kids?" She asked, clearly pissed.

Birger sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Look we are doing fine, Hae. Don't stir shit that doesn't need to be fucking stirred." He said.

Haera scuffed, "Like you fucking did when I started to date Istrain?" She asked and shoved him on his bed, "When you practically took me in my own damn room with him in the next one?" She asked looking down at him. Birger glared and shook his head. "You want to take me?" He asked and she laughed, "Fuck no... I very much just want Istrain." She said and moved away. "You are going to get hurt and who is going to pick your fatass up? Me. You are going to get into that stupid ass depression and I am going to end up beating the shit out of Una and Yora. Which will start shit with Istrain." She said. "You can't marry both of them and having kids? How fucking weird is that? You are going to be a dad and their fucking uncle. Come the fuck on, Birger!" She growled.

Birger looked up at her when he sat up and shrugged, "I will talk to them about it." He said softly and she shook her head. "I can't believe you got yourself in this damn mess." She said and kissed his head. "I haven't told Istrain... and I won't... but don't do this to yourself." She said before walking out and finding Istrain. "You ready?" She asked a bit calmer than before.