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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImageMuch to his relief, Theo did not get lost of his way back to the cafeteria. However it did take him a bit longer than it should have to get there. Mainly because he'd never gotten that extra sleep he needed, nor did he have that big of a breakfast. Lack of sleep mixed with lack of nutrition made for a somewhat slow Theo. He walked at a slightly slower pace than usual, his eyes scanning his surroundings for possible sketch inspirations. The school was certainly beautiful, as Ari pointed out at least once a day, and there were so many thing just begging to be painted about.

The other reason was nerves, if that's what you'd call him. Half of him wanted to hurry and make it to the cafeteria already. The other half wanted to take as long as possible in hopes that once he did get there, Aria would already be waiting. It's not that Theo didn't want to be alone with Archie, in fact he really loved their walk back to the dorms. It's more that he didn't know how to. He'd never been good at socializing with strangers, that much was a given. But mix that with lack of rest, an empty stomach and the irrational fear that he might actually bore Archie to death with his lack of conversation skills, and you had a result that made Theo second guess his decision a couple hundred times. Eventually though, he did make it to the cafeteria, and it didn't take him long to spot Archie. Of course, as the universe would have it, Aria was still nowhere to be seen. The brunette thought about waiting just outside the place until she got there, but before he could act on it, Archie looked right in his direction.

The artist nervously bit his bottom lip before willing his feet to move. "Hey" he said, giving his usual soft smile a shot. He prayed Archie could not pick up on his uneasy state, otherwise it could get very awkward, very quickly.

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImage"Oh, but I was going to meet Theo--my--my brother for lunch." Rowan's eyebrows rose in response to her comment. Maybe he should have worded things better, because it seemed like the girl understood it as him asking her to have lunch with him. Not that he would have minded, but it hadn't even crossed his mind. He opened his mouth a bit to explain, but thankfully she caught on all on her own. "Yeah it seems so..." he replied, thinking back to Archie's message. He wondered in this Theo boy really had accepted to have lunch together or if Archie simply assumed he had. For his friend's sake, he hoped it was a the former, but he also knew Archie well enough to know that the guy tended to get ahead of himself at times.

The girl's voice brought him back to the room as she suggested they start walking toward the cafeteria. Rowan nodded, picking up his bag, as he listened to her introduce herself as Aria. Not like Arya Stark...noted. He smiled to himself before simply responding with "I'm Rowan". No one truly called him Rowan anymore, aside from his teachers and strangers, but well this girl technically fit into the latter category still. As he followed her out the door, he suddenly stopped, realizing why he felt a bit uncomfortable. "Actually..." he began, coming to a slow stop to assure she stopped as well. "Can you give me like...10 minutes? I should probably..." he trailed off, gesturing to his sweating clothes and hair. "You can go on ahead if you want." he suggested in case she didn't actually want to sit around and wait for him.