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located in Caleria woods, a part of Mystic Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

Caleria woods



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Drift was taken back by the first comment. Was he serious? Years of fantasies coming to life out of nowhere.

"Yes." He gasped a bit breathlessly. "Yes to all of it. I'll go to the celebration with you, I'll move in with you and you can stay the night too." Drift was caught up in the moment and wasn't able to restrain himself as well as Luca was. He wrapped his arms around Luca's waist and pulled him closer. He didn't give Luca the chance to react before he kissed him.

It was like everything he had imagined it would be. The taste of gingerbread cookies and frosting still on his lips. The warmth and love as he squeezed Luca tighter. Finally, after a few amazing minutes of kissing the man of his dreams, he stopped to catch his breath once again.

"Sorry, I got a little carried away there. This is just so ...perfect. I'm still not sure this isn't a dream." He said as his face turned a shade of red rivaling a strawberry.