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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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At some point during the King's explanation of what exactly was going on between the warring kingdoms, Anemone had found herself taking off the goggles she had worn, placing them into a pouch of hers and indulging herself in a drink provided. True as it were that Anemone would love to perform the ritual as a means of protecting her people from hard, she bore many a doubt as to what the ritual itself would accomplish in the end. As Jamarreon had so blatantly put forth, even if all the rulers were to agree to the conducting of these rituals, it would not mean an end to the war. If anything, it would be naught but a simple temporary break in conflict.

Anemone shifted her eyes from other rulers whom decided speaking their mind to be appropriate at the time, and those who seemed to be otherwise inclined. Anemone felt an eye twitch at Dante's outburst towards Dauphina, going so far as to attack her person. Then there was Akai who, at least in Anemone's eyes, seemed the least convicted in what she was deciding. That makes the rumours of her being on Dante's beck and call to have some validity to them, I suppose. She thought to herself. Other outbursts from Cellica, retaliations from other rulers such as Sanctuary. If the King's speech, or even Nuocolo's speech, were meant to spur the leaders into cooperation, it would appear such hopes to be destroyed. A thought to which Anemone could only sigh in disappointment, though if she had to choose whether or not she was for such a task...

“Sovereign Anemone, I believe it would be in both of our best interests if we were to complete the Ritual of Astrologia.”

Interrupting her train of thought, Anemone turned her head to the source of the voice, directly to her right, Eino the ruler of Scorpio. She looked at him with a blank expression at first before wordlessly smiling and giving him a nod. She adjusted the cap on her head before standing up and, once more, looking over at the mess of a meeting that lay before her. Moving the plate that sat empty in front of her a bit to the side, she took a deep breath with a hand raised to the sky before forcefully bringing it down on the table in front of her, resulting in a loud banging and causing some cups to spill over and silverware to shake. She closed her eyes, taking a brief pause, before opening them again once more, her smile still remaining on her face, though her eyes burned with life.

"Oh, King. I am most certain that I speak on the behalf of some, if not all, of us when I say with the utmost sincerity that I find your proposition to be somewhat... questionable. Now, I know not of the situations or circumstances of all the gathered rulers here today, but for myself I find your proposition, while enticing, to leave me with some doubts." Anemone projected her voice, ensuring that all present, Ruler, Guardian, or King alike, could hear. "With all due respect to my fellow leaders, know that I understand that not all of us here would stoop to such levels. But I am certain that we can all think of at least one person who may take the opportunity of this ritual as a chance to destroy an enemy gem."

She let that thought simmer amongst the group for a few brief moments, working her stare across the table. "Even if none of us present would resolve to such foul play, what would this ritual accomplish in the end? A brief time of temporary peace? Perhaps build some trust between enemies in hopes of ending the war? Put an end to this continental feud we find ourselves in? Nay. Even if we somehow managed to agree to stop this war, it would simply be a delay until we are at each others throats once more. This is not a path to peace, dear King." Anemone close her eyes and took a deep breath once more before continuing. "In order for us to obtain peace, we must prepare for war! This is a paradox with which we must understand and live by. I am afraid that I cannot agree with this ritual you have proposed. This war is pivotal in deciding the fates of our people. We cannot, we should not, prolong it any more than is necessary. If a gem is destroyed, then so do the strings of fate weave around us. People are suffering and we do not have the luxury to play at friends. As long as there are disagreements amongst the rulers, there will be disagreements among the people, there will be war. The only way we will find ourselves free of such strife is if we become united under one righteous banner."

Anemone sat back down, taking a sip of her drink, some of which now spread across the table due to her previous strike upon it. "Our kingdoms are at war. Our people suffer. If destroying some gems will bring us to better days without conflict, then to that I say." Anemone smirked and raised her glass up. "Bear arms, and fight! For a better tomorrow!"