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located in Caleria woods, a part of Mystic Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

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The night before had been emotionally exhausting, not bad, but it took a lot out of him. He usually wasn't quite this sound of a sleeper, but Luca knew how to wear Drift out.

Drift finally heard the sweet lyrical voice of Luca and smelled the coffee and eggs. He sat up, not sure yet that last night hadn't been all just a wonderful dream, then Luca pulled the covers off of him.

"It wasn't a dream, awesome!" He muttered. He then reached up and grabbed Luca by the collar of the baggy shirt he was wearing and pulled him down for a big kiss.

"I'll eat quickly, it smells delicious." Drift smiled when he saw the meal on the table and chuckled a little when he saw that Luca had been a bit impatient and ate his already. Drift ate it pretty quickly, but still enjoyed the flavor, before he got dressed all fancy in his party clothes. He brushed his teeth and considered taking the cookies like he had originally intended, but figured that cookies were the last thing that would be on anyone's mind.

He got to the door and took Luca's arm. He took a deep breath before they left. He was actually doing this. He was going to his favorite event of the year with Luca, the man who had been his best friend for most of his life and was now so much more.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Drift asked. He would have been fine if Luca wanted to keep their relationship a secret for now, but he was also excited that and felt so loved that he was willing to confess his love in front of everyone like this.