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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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“Silence.” The King’s voice was booming over the heated arguments around the table. “Silence.” he said again to get the rulers attention back to him. He had let them all speak but enough was enough. The Faun behind Aries didn't even blink an eye as Aries threw the knife at him. It simply bounced of from the magical shield around him. He had been prepared. “I must say, I am disappointed in you. The Gems are already crippled, the wars weakened them. If you do not perform the Ritual of Astrologia Eclipse, your Kingdom will follow the path Chamaeleon has. Your very own land will turn into ashes, your people die of sickness and your buildings crumble.” His gaze seemed to pierce through every ruler who had denied the help. As his gaze traveled over the pretend ruler of Aquarius it turned even colder. He didn’t speak a word, instead letting his stony expression turn to Cancer's ruler.

“Race of Slata, Nuocolo Gracia. Your words are those of a bitter man. I thought you were man of logic, but your words are unsensible. Look around you sir. What do you see? Land in ashes, and why? Chamaeleon Gem was destroyed bringing the death with it. As it has been brought into discussion by several Rulers, how would your Kingdom live and prosper if the Gem was destroyed? And stealing it? Every person around this table can prove to you that no one, not even the Guardians would be able to move your Gem around. Each Gem contains the whole soul and life of your Kingdom, and you imagine it is some medallion you can just steal and carry around. Your Gem exists. Your Gem is in your land. You are just too blind to see that.”

The King let a moment of silence pass as to let Nuocolo think of the words just spoken. Once again he started walking slowly around the table. He had heard the worries of the Rulers and addresses them all at once.

“Now to your address your other concerns. Performed correctly the Gems gain back the energy they have lost. Strengthening each of your Gem means your fields will prosper and the illnesses among people lessens. If you fail the Ritual the Gems either get none or little of that energy but it does not harm them by any means. Thus you may safely attempt it several times if needed, just know that once Gem has its full power the Ritual will not add to it. And you will know if it is performed correctly. You will feel it in your hearts.” He paused one again letting others to gather the information as there sure was a lot to it. “Now it is not within my power to affect such mundane matters as protecting you or your companions life in enemy territory. However if that's what you wish pray for your Guardians behind you as they might have something for the aid.” The King gave almost a sly smile. He might not be able to do anything directly but he could always guide them to right direction.

After the explanations there was a long silence. It was as if everyone were waiting for something. Guardians exchanged looks with others knowing what was to come. The King’s expression grew heavy and cold. His voice was stern, even angry. “As Rulers your land and people should always go first. Now you are acting selfish and think what makes life easier for you. You let your people suffer and your Gem die as long as it means another Kingdom follows behind you. Destroying a single Gem more will bring this world in unbalance, chaos and death. And do not think I am willing to give you a change to save it. You as Rulers are responsible of your land and people. If you are willing to destroy it, you do not deserve to have a land to rule!”

He placed his hands together and started chanting a spell, the Guardians joining to it. Their voice were strong and loud. As the chanting continued some of the rulers gaining an eerie blue light around them. And then - disappeared.

* * * * *

Choppy seas surrounded the small island, dark waves crashing against the jagged rocks encircling the piece of land like a dangerous halo. That reef of rocks promised wreck to any ship navigating these waters, but also protected the western beaches from the worst of the troubled seas beyond. One side of the island dropped into the sea slowly, turning from a dense forest, to a sparsely populated area of coconut trees, and finally to the white-golden sands of the beach. Follow the beach around and those tranquil shores quickly turned to quick moving inlets and dark, twisting caves. Blow holes in the cliff of the northern face of the island sent towards of water jetting up into the air, droplets like rain making the steep cliff-face dangerous and slippery. The thick forest in the centre of the island spoke of danger too, with the rumblings and crashings of vicious creatures echoing from its depths. However, one shouldn't only be wary of the loud creatures, for those that moved silently through the trees or the underbrush were just as dangerous and likely to kill any who crossed their paths. Caves along the coast and beside the streams that flowed from inland gave shelter to many such creatures, protecting from the elements, even if the sound of the winds blowing through the caves offering it's own eerie sounds.

Dante and Dauphina, Nuocolo, Cellica and Cedric, Akai and Faust, and Anemone and Eino found themselves standing on a southern side of deserted island. A voice spoke to them, a voice of their Guardians, seemingly out of nowhere and all around them. “You have been transferred to Island of Curses in order for you to work together and solve your problems. This is not a relaxing holiday as the forests are inhabited by the worst creatures that walk on this land. If you wish to stay alive, you can not go wander alone. Have someone to watch your back, share your resources, work together for safety. And if you do not? If even one of you faces their death in here? Then we fear none of you ever steps their foot outside of this island again.” And with that the voice was gone leaving the nine of them alone. No guards, servants or friends following them. But for some reason, be it a mistake in spell or done in purpose, Dante’s Dog was also send to the island.

* * * * *

Once the group had left, the King gathered himself from the outburst and turned his attention to rest of rulers still left around the table gazing over them with fatherly smile. “Sanctuary Virgo, Aries, Kaveh Mehrzan, Jamarreon Lacero and Nadya Irne, my children. I trust to see good happen in your Kingdoms, your lands prosper, your people celebrating. You have chosen the right path and thus earn my gratitude. I wish to give you a reward of this, please tell me your wishes my children, and I will fill them, if they are within my reach. But be warned, one mistake and you too will be send away to Island of Curses.