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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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                    By the time every one of the rulers who had something to said, said something, Dante's anger was boiling over as his face grew as red as his scarf. All he could think about, was what the annoying bitch of a twelve year old said to him. Biting his own thumb, blood trailed down the appendage as he resisted the urge to say anything further. To choke her. To watch as the wind and air Gemini controlled eluded her and he watched the life drain from her eyes into nothingness. A dull, lifeless, and equally as useless sack of meat.

                    '...when yours makes you just a few wrinkles short of an old perverted man.'

                    It shouldn't have angered him as much as it did. Had he been normal, he would of rationalized it as no way they would of known. He felt his skin crawl, as if he could still feel the fingers ghosting up his arms and raspy voice in his ears. He could still feel the stinging pain down his thighs, across his throat - Dante only snapped out of it when he saw Sanctuary address them, choosing her words softly. He would work with this harlot of a woman. He would change his mind for the sheer hope he could destroy the Gemini twins more then he ever wanted to before. Dauphina now had someone who outranked her in his hatred.

                    It was the twins who spoke first, before Nadya spoke up in a simple, yet easily as blunt manner. He scoffed at her, and said nothing further. He never made an attempt to address the insults or complaints her country or she ever made about him. It wouldn't start now. She was on the side of children, truthfully. It didn't speak very highly about her, in general, but he did seem to be approving as if he had a right to be that she spoke up for her friend.

                    When the Leader of Virgo spoke up against him, yet somehow for him, his red face never faded. He was still struggling to keep a grip on things, on reality. He could almost feel something wet behind his ear - but there wasn't anything. Perhaps, it was just sweat. The white haired male leaned back as he listened to Sanctuary carefully. Addressed to hold his tongue, Dante had to admit to a point that she was right. He didn't approve of the woman Dauphina was rumored to be, or dressed to be...

                    But the idea of making the children of his country suffer more then they should, made him pause. Still, he was being swallowed by the memories of past misfortunes, past terrors. He began to grip his sword tightly on his hip, is spare hand turning into an extremely tight fist.

                    If he was going to reply to Dauphina, and her words, he didn't even have a chance. He had been wrapped up in his own thoughts as he could of sworn hands slide up his chest. He only snapped out of it when he heard it. The King before him and his disgusting cohorts began to chant. Dante was seeing red the same time they all turned blue and were sent to an island. Fuck. Fuck!

                    He was trembling, a hand now on his scarf as he watched Dog suddenly let out a concerned howl. It couldn't find Aries, and this was a new location. He looked around, the island was hostile. That much was fucking apparent. They couldn't make a raft out, either, most likely. He should tell from the fact it was called the 'Island of Curses', there was absolutely no escape until the King decided it. And he let his fucking dog come to die as well?! Bending down to lift up the poor thing, he glared at Akai. He could only manage a single, short phrase at the moment, eyeing what she sat on. "Get off the dog food."

                    If she didn't move quickly enough, he growled as he used his spare arm to grab her into standing, hauling up the dog food as he turned his back directly to the twins. His eyes narrowed on Akai as he tried to still his thoughts, his mind. "...We're going to set up camp. Now. There's no time to waste." He glanced at Faust and Dauphina. "For the record, had he given people a chance to change their minds, I would of. You two can either come with us, and we can build shelter and figure shit out, or stay here. I don't care either way. As long as I'm far away from the ten year-old brats who'll never hit puberty, I don't care. But a bigger camp is for the best."

                    He glanced around. There were coconut trees, and it looked as if they were placed in the more tranquil side of the island. "We're in a good position, by the sounds of everything." Dante's ears were far more trained to hear an enemy or a predator hiding within the mountains and snows of Aquarius, but he was trained none the less. He glanced at Anemone, Einosuke, Dauphina, Nuccole, Dauphina, Faust, and Akai as he began to speak. He still ignored the twins existence. "We should set up camp first, place duties on what's possible. For those who don't have weapons, we'll have to make some on the spot. It looks like this island has plenty of resources, however, so I have no doubt Akai and I can handle it if we need to travel further inland. Spear fishing will also be a good idea, for those who can handle it. For now? We need to find as much wood as possible. The palms of the coconut trees can work for decent covering if the island starts to rain, but we might want to consider investigating the caves when we're better prepared. Let alone the rest of the island." He finally stopped for a moment before looking at Akai.

                    "I'm sorry I got you into this, but we need to get started as soon as possible, and as quietly. Who knows if whatever in the forest has a taste for humans. As a result, I'm sorry you as well, Dauphina and Faust. I quite literally fucked all four of us." Dante frowned, setting down the dog and the dog food. "Worst comes to worst, dog food is edible and Dog will just have to share with us. But let's hope it just doesn't have to come to that."