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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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E I N O - S A I T O U

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        The food in front of Eino went untouched. Perhaps if he were not forced to participate in such a vile conversation he would have made peace with his stomach, but as it stood it was hard enough not to throw up bile.

        As the Sovereign of Sagittarius turned to smile Eino could only feel his heart sinking deeper into his proverbial ocean of despair. Why had she looked at him so thoughtlessly; as though she had no soul within her vacant eyes. Her hand slammed down onto the table and so began her passionate speech.

        Her words were not directly slated at him, but he knew what it meant. She did not wish to complete the ritual, but more importantly he would not bring the peace his kingdom wished to have.

        Keeping his face neutral he let her finish, but the moment she called the a to bear arms he opened to his mouth to retort.

        “Sovereign Anemone surely we can —,“ he tried to say but was abruptly cut off by the authoritative voice of the King. Eino snapped his mouth shut and listened; the wave of irritation burning at the edge of his vision.

        As the man spoke Eino kept his eyes focused on the green haired ruler before him. Perhaps they were on opposing sides of the war, but they themselves never had any true grievances with one another. It would only be a simple matter of trying to talk some sense into the woman.

        “…You as Rulers are responsible of your land and people. If you are willing to destroy it, you do not deserve to have a land to rule!”

        Eino felt safe in his chair knowing he was willing to complete the ritual, it was the other who had qualms with the situation. Maybe the island would do her some good maybe it would — but as his thoughts drifted to his own safety a brilliant blue light began to engulf him.

        He was on the island.

        Surrounding him were the other rulers who had made their disapproval known, along with a dog? A voice called out to another to get off the dog food to which Eino could only stare. His body felt cold and he could only stay silent as the man who had an angry outburst earlier apologized and took charge of their situation.

        Eino said nothing, but let his gaze travel until he met with the woman who he knew was responsible for his being on the island.

        “I hope it was worth it,” his tone was even but the anger he felt could not be concealed. “If we do not get off this island your people will suffer because of your actions.”

        Slowly, she was becoming someone he was learning to hate.

        He turned around as he could not bear to look at her. The sight of her being disgusted him. How selfish must one be to refuse an opportunity to right a century full of wrong, so they could conquer the world themselves?

        His anger simmered down and with it despondency took its place.

        Far away from his kingdom, his sisters, and the oppression of his role as ruler, Eino couldn’t help but feel as though the island is where he was always meant to end up. A place where hopelessness lived within the sea, and in the forest were creatures that wished to end him. He had tried his best before, but it appeared never to be enough.

        Would it truly be so bad to die?


        Even from within the carriage Touma could hear the voice of the King resonating throughout he barren land. He spoke with a harshness that made him shudder in fear, and worry for his love. Of course he knew Dauphina was a strong woman, one of the many reasons why he fell in love with her, but even with that knowledge Touma felt as though he should be by her side; even if it were just to comfort him.

        As the speech continued however Touma’s legs twitched to go run to his love, and as the King finally declared that people who would destroy their own land do not have the right to rule it he did exactly that.

        The chanting seemed ominous to Touma, but he paid no mind to the sounds as he watched with ever growing horror a light beginning to surround Dauphina. He ran faster with his right arm outstretched to reach her, but before he could even step foot on the grassy land he fell to the ground haplessly and watched as she disappeared before him.

        He screamed a deafening shriek, his face contorted into something monstrous as he cursed out the land that barred him from his love. Touma had no care what the other rulers thought of his appearance as the only thing he could focus on was the empty seat where his love sat moments before.

        “Dauphina. . . please, come back . . . I cannot live without you.” He sounded broken and his voice cracked as he finished his thought, “I-I don’t know how I did before.”