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Snippet #2756844

located in Mountain Brook, a part of More Sinned Against, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain Brook



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Character Portrait: Alex Roberts Character Portrait: Lyn Montgomery Character Portrait: Karin Matsuo Character Portrait: Derrick Matsuo Character Portrait: marley east Character Portrait: Willow Greyson
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Hex: #ae5c5c || Outfit: X

Karin got up once the credit began to roll for some water. Forgetting her phone was on vibrate she nearly dropped her cup when it vibrated hard on the marble countertop. She glanced at it and read Marley's text with a mischievous grin before her screen went black and she'd have to unlock it.

To: Darling dearest
Awe, we have our charm. How about some coffee then I'll show you this neat little bar our band plays at some nights? I'll pick you up. :3

Once she sent it, her finger lingered over a certain name. She twiddled her thumbs softly. Karin wanted to at least know how Lyn was doing. She would be lying if she said she wasn't worried about her. All this party stuff was getting to her again but she pushed it down and typed out a new message. Karin wasn't about to chicken out again, in fact, she was feeling OK. The good mood she had going on and knowing she was about to go out with friends was bringing back out her regular self.

To: Emmi
Hey, Lyn. How've you been?

Locking her phone Karin finished off her water. She really needed some time out of the house. She feels as if all she's been doing for the past week is follow a boring routine that wasn't her. School, home and from home to a gig and back. She didn't hang out for drinks after shows like usual, she studied more which wasn't a bad thing and kept it quite clean and short with her sales too. She also kept a very pointy pocket knife on her at all times.

Karin grabbed her keys off the wall and poked her head into the archway of the living room. "Hey Derrick, I'm gonna go grab some coffee with a friend, I'll be back later." without hesitation Derrick shot up and called out for her to wait from the couch. He ran up to her, dropping down next to her to put on his sneakers. Karin slipped on her own black boots. "Alex invited me to grab some coffee with him but I'm taking Willow with. Mind picking her up?" Ricky looked up at his sister with puppy eyes which she responded by laughing at him a little. She didn't really care or minded giving him or any one of her friends a ride or picking up whoever. She would have thought by now that he'd wouldn't have to ask. Might be nice to see Alex though. After the party, Karin was coming to terms with certain things. Plus, with her sisterly intuition, Karin always knew Ricky had a crush on Willow and she wasn't gonna leave him hanging like that. "I don't care. I'm not driving anyway." Karin was already out the door when she tossed a puzzled Derrick the car keys. "C'mon, she's not gonna wait for you forever."


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Hex: #848a92 || Outfit: X

Watching the credits roll, ending Derrick's little buffy craving, he picked up his phone that had lit up with a new messages.

From: Sleeping Beauty
Just got off work. You got ideas?

From: Alex
Idk. Witchcraft? Already here, see you soon :)

Derrick smiled happily as he began writing out his responses, but that's when he heard Karin's keys jingle. His ears perked and when she told him she was going to step out he instantly scrambled from the couch "Wait!"he called out, jumping over the headrest and towards Karin to put on his shoes. "Alex invited me to grab some coffee with him but I'm taking Willow with. Mind picking her up?"

He playfully rolled his eyes when his sister laughed at him and ruffled his hair. She was out the door and as he got up to follow after her, all he saw was keys being tossed his way. He still caught them, barely and in the midst of his small confusion Karin called out to get his attention. A bright smile took over his lips and so he locked up the house and got into the white suv.

To: Sleeping Beauty
Alex invited me for coffee so I was thinking we go there for a little and then we could go for a walk or something? I'm on my way to pick you up!

To: Alex
Lol. Alright, see you soon. :D