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⁑ Theodore Novell ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 66CCCC
ImageImage"Oh geez. You startled me." Archie's reaction caught Theo off guard a bit, ironically enough, startling him a little too. He watched, with mild amusement, as Archie's hand moved from his chest to the table in front of him. He cautiously took a seat as he listened to Archie explain he was jumpy. For a second, Theo only looked at him like a puppy would look at it's owner when attempting to understand directions. But then confusion turned into concern as his eyes widened slightly. "Oh, why? did something happen?" he questioned. There had to be a reason for Archie's jumpy state.

If he was being honest, he was a little out of sorts himself, but most likely not for the same reason as Archie. Maybe it was a combination of the bustling crowd around them, the fact that he felt as if everyone was staring though they had no reason to, or the fact that Archie was so close to him and his eyes shone so bright Theo could practically see himself in them. The small boy could feel his heart starting to pound against his chest, so he looked away. At the large windows behind him, the grouping of tables, the bundle of students gathering their food, anything except the guy's face.

"I...have no idea. I haven't seen Aria since this morning." he responded, realizing he had yet to give the guy an answer for his question. Wherever they were, Theo prayed that they would hurry before he did or said anything stupid.

⁑ Rowan Dubois ⁑
Outfit: Here
Location: Dormroom β†  Cafeteria
Hex: 4C4C4C
ImageImageEowan made sure not to take too long getting cleaned and dressed. He had told Aria he only needed fifteen minutes, and used up 10. The other five he spent sending a quick message to his little sister. Once he was ready and his belongings packed, he walked back out to meet the girl. She was near the announcements board, underneath the big tree. "Ready?" he asked before moving along. As they walked, Rowan gave a quick glance back at the announcements. One in particular that had been there for about a week now. He didn't know the girl, but the idea that someone had gone missing from the campus and had yet to be seen a week after was disheartening to say the least.

"I'll let Archie know we're on the way" he said, tearing his eyes away from the board and on his phone screen. The school was bustling around this time of day, very lively and eventful as it usually was. Several people gave Rowan odd looks as he and Aria walk past them. Rowan had never been your typical popular guy. He didn't have a clique he spent all his time with nor did he have certain types when it came to making friends. Most of his current friends knew that by now and accepted him for it. Still that didn't mean he wouldn't get weird looks for making unlikely friends. Last time he did, it was Archie and his friend chalked it up to them being roommates.

[To: Archie]
[Okay lover boy, we're on the way. Try not to scare the guy too much.]