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Aria nearly jumped out of her skin when Rowan came up behind her. It wasn't that he hadn't made any noise or anything. It's more of... Aria's mind was elsewhere. Thinking of the girl on the photo. She thought back to when one of the kids had been "adopted". She had been abandoned as a baby and apparently, not long afterward, her mother went looking for her, but at the time, she had already been put through the system and sent elsewhere, but there was no way to tell where she had gone. After years of searching, her mother--and her mother's husband--found her and brought her back into her life. Ever since Aria had low key wished for a story like hers. That she had been abandoned and her mother regretted the decision and would come looking for her. Of course, it was just that. A wish. Ari didn't mind that much considering she had created a family all her own at Lady Augustine's. She had Theo. But she couldn't help think of the lost girl knowing her family was looking for her like the little girl from her past. She wondered if--like Ari--she would never be found.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready." She said quietly, her blue eyes glued to the poster for a moment longer than it should've as they walked away. He said that he would notify Archie that they were on their way--Archie being the friend Theo made-- and she nodded. She and Theo didn't have phones, which tended to complicate things sometimes, but in the end, they always worked it out. "That's good." She replied.

She found herself in that distracted state until they made it to the cafeteria and found Theo and the boy from that morning that must've been Archie. She gave a small smile to Theo before giving a small wave to Archie and introduced herself. "I'm Aria. Nice to meet you." She left out the part about not being Arya Stark that she had given Rowan earlier. The poster had put her in a rare dark state of mind, but seeing Theo was slowly bringing her out of it. The world was always right when she was with Theo. "So what's for lunch?"

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XXXXXXLocation: Cafeteria

Archie raised his eyebrow at Theo's question about something happening. Then he realized how his comment on his jumpiness probably sounded and chuckled awkwardly. "Oh! No, nothing happened. I'm just a bit tired or... something." He said as his face turned a little red under Theo's gaze. His jumpiness could probably be explained by his nerves with being around Theo. Not that he would ever admit it.

His phone went off and he pulled it out to read the text.

He smiled at his roommate's message and put his phone back into his pocket. "No need to worry. They're on their way." He looked over to the buffet section where the food was slowly being picked off until there would be none left. His stomach growled loudly and he tried not to worry about Theo potentially hearing it. "Oh, so hey, do you like comic books?" He asked.

That's when their missing friends appeared. The cute redhead introduced herself as Aria and then there was Ro. Aria had asked what was for lunch and he nearly jumped from his seat in anticipation of food. "Whatever you're in the mood for. Let's go!" He walked quickly to the line to grab a tray and a few plates and piled them high with different foods. Little sandwich halves, a bag of potato chips, and a bowl of fruit on one plate. The other was filled with desserts. He added a burrito to the top of his food items, grabbed a soda, paid for his food, and went back to their table. In the meantime, he forgot to be polite and wait for the others but he was so hungry. "Sorry about that." Was all he could say before he started to chow down.