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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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ImageMy older brother is a suicidal idiot who never gives up.
And I drag him out of every mess he gets into.


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    "Father carved out this path for you Loretta," Ren said, "it's his special brand of writing you a letter." This letter was more a puzzle meant for her to decypher.

    He followed her lead, taking careful steps down the winding path. Whatever father left behind, he hoped it'd help their cause. Maybe they'd find some information about the elusive phantom gene. Why had father hidden it within her? To preserve it? Protect her?

    Or change her.

    They'd never met anything like her. Humans didn't survive the transition to their species, their blood was foreign substance. Poison. As far as he knew the evolution of his species acted upon it's own self-preservative instinct. Feed on humans. Control the weak. Cloak the world under their power, their influence.

    The humans couldn't rise against them anymore. They never had a fighting chance.

    But with her...

    Crazy to think it. She had a power similar to theirs; enough to fight?

    "He knew no matter how far we went, we'd always come home." Something about this place creeped him out. Why did stones feed on blood? Why did the walls hold runes sparking with light and energy? This entire place wasn't anything like home. But it was.

    "The puzzle is all meant to answer the questions you haven't asked yet." He came into step at her side, took her wrist to help steady her footing.

    "You feel that?" He indicated the last few steps. Beyond it a pressure built through the air. Invisible pull that latched deep through his limbs. They better hurry.