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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Faust Capricorn
Ruler of Capricorn | dialogue : #E82E55 | thought : #8D757A


Faust had little to say as arguments continued to develop across the table, although she tilted her head at the thought of the war continuing after they had performed the rituals. It was more than foolish, to spend so much time strengthening the gems only to weaken them again in a petty fight with another Kingdom. She could only hope that they would banish the thought, but with how things were currently progressing, that was only wishful thinking. She watched as the king quickly silenced everyone at the table before he spoke once more. He seemed a father chiding his children for failing to get along with each other, and perhaps that sentiment wasn't far from the reality of the situation.

And it would appear that the King would enact a punishment fitting of their negligence, as in heartbeat the scenery of the table, piled high with food and surrounded by rulers, was quickly replaced with a less welcoming landscape. The others who surrounded her were those who had outright refused, reluctantly or not, to do the ritual, and their unfortunate counterparts. For a moment voices spoke, shining some light on their situation, until they could no longer be heard, leaving the nine of them to their own devices.

Faust wasn't worried about how her kingdom would fair without her. No, the kingdom would be more than fine in the hands of the Council. In fact, she was more worried about being stranded on an island with people who, previously, would rather see them all destroyed than to preform a simple ritual that would save all their kingdoms, and she certainly didn't doubt that they would kill one another even if it meant that they'd all be left to rot on the island. There wasn't hope for cooperation among people like that, and she was a little wary of their intentions.

Shio was the first to speak, and Faust sighed in response, "If you want to make it up to me, it would do us all a favor if you refrained from getting yourself mauled by whatever beasts here that are eager to rip you apart." Dante seemed to quickly take charge of the situation, which was surprising after he almost guaranteed the destruction of all their kingdoms with his outburst earlier, but Faust wasn't in the mood to be petty, nor was she in the mood to die on this waste of an island. He apologized and that'd have to be enough for now. "I don't imagine that monsters are all this island has to offer, and if there's enough supplies to be found in order to make bows and arrows, even rudimentary ones at best, then I could help in hunting game."

The others seemed as pissed as Faust expected them to be, especially the Ruler of Cancer, who just sat there stewing in his own irritation. Hopefully he wouldn't cause any more problems for them when they were just starting to work together, or even worse, get himself killed.


Though from this distance Iuliana couldn't hear what the rulers were saying, it was clear that many of them were arguing over one thing or another. A smile quickly spread across her face; it was an exciting though indeed, to see such magically gifted people go at each other in a fight, if the King would even let tensions rise to such a height. To her disappointment, the King put an end to the arguing with his louder, almost deafening voice. Boy, was he upset, but that was expected when he had called every ruler to talk of peace, yet the only thing they were eager to do was kill each other.

However, what was not expected was the chanting that began to fill the small space, nor the blue light that enveloped several rulers, including Faust, before they all vanished. As if they were never there.

Soon after, Laurenz had returned to their carriage. "Excuse me, dear Iuliana, maybe it's just the overbearing heat playing tricks on my mind, but I do believe I just witnessed our ruler disappear."

"Well, I think we best send a message to Aurora since it seems she'll be in charge of things for a while."


Iuliana Ardelean : #8B7C9F | Laurenz Capricorn : #BA6866