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located in Asteria, a part of Astrologia Eclipse, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Nadya Irne Character Portrait: Kaveh Mehrzan Character Portrait: Sanctuary A. Virgo Character Portrait: Einosuke Saitou Character Portrait: Jamarreon Lacero Character Portrait: Dragan Úna Aries
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it was with some apprehension that Kaveh waited for his counterpart's response. Aries was not always known to do the expected thing, or to follow the norm. Kaveh half expected the man to flip the table then and there, or ignore him entirely, yet instead Kaveh found himself meeting Aries' gaze. The words and sentiment were unexpected. Agreement; a cordial acceptance to work together. Despite Aries' agreement being entirely out of Kaveh's control, he felt a small thrill, as if he had successfully done something for his Kingdom, finally. He was more than pleased that he and his counterpart would not be trading harsh barbs and threats of death as they attempted to save their kingdoms.

And then, Aries flipped a knife from his sleeve and sent it sailing over his shoulder at the guardian of Aries' land. "Wha-...!" The incoherent exclamation was barely out of Kaveh's lips - was he trying to warn the guardian? or just surprised? - when the guardian batted away the knife as if it were a fly. Kaveh glanced away, back down at the parchment detailing the ritual. He wasn't reading it though, merely wondering whether he might expect the same treatment as the guardian. Certainly, Kaveh would not be nearly as fast in dodging or defending himself against such an attack.

Thoughts on the topic on Aries stabbing were soon put to rest. Perhaps it was a spark of naivete that left Kaveh unprepared for what came next, or perhaps he'd merely not been paying enough attention. He heard the anger in the King's voice, the chanting, and then, without a chance to make a further sound, his best friend had vanished from his side. Kaveh's lips parted, his body leaning towards Eino's empty seat, as if proximity might bring his pen pal back. Alas, it would not.

"Where have they gone?" Kaveh asked, hoping the 'Island of Curses' wasn't as ominous as it sounded, though severally doubting his hopes would be fulfilled. He glanced around the table, surprised that of all those who had been seated around it seconds ago, only five of them remained.

As for his wish, Kaveh knew without having to consider for more than a second what he wished his reward to be. He stood and bowed shallowly to the king, his tone more serious than usual - certainly, had one of his official advisers heard him, they might have been shocked that Kaveh could be this serious. "Your majesty, my only wish is that you give Einosuke whatever protection is within your power."

He resettled in his seat, hoping to quell the slight shaking of his hands. He was worried for Eino, despite knowing that his friend was more than capable in taking care of himself. Kaveh took a steadying breath, attempting to push dark thoughts aside. No, he had his own job to do. He would attend to the ritual as best he could with his usual air of enjoyment. Regaining his feet, Kaveh glanced around at those still seated - Nadya, Jamarreon, Sanctuary - before his gaze fell across the table to Aries,

"Aries-... Lord Aries, I don't see any reason to delay. If you would like, we could accompany each other across Chamaeleon and discuss how we might go about these rituals."

Even as Kaveh spoke he felt his stomach speak up in argument. He shuffled on the spot, came to a quick decision and reached out to grab the nearest edible item, "That is, unless you care to stay longer for refreshments..." He added before biting into the fruit he'd grabbed. Eyeing up a glass of wine, Kaveh thought perhaps a single drink might also help to ease his nerves regarding Eino's disappearance too. Just one drink..